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How to use a table saw

I do own a tablesaw, but must be honest and say that I absolutely hate using it. For some reason this is one tool that scares me, however, Nina Green - one of our DIY Divas - uses her tablesaw regularly and considers it a 'must have' tool for her workshop.


Having recently stumbled upon this video on You Tube I found it practical and very informative, not to mention that the tablesaw she uses is also available locally.

After watching the video I definitely feel a bit more confident about dusting off my tablesaw and putting it to use more often.



Tips on using a tablesaw

  • Be sure to wear the right safety gear when using a tablesaw: safety glasses, dust mark and ear protectors.

  • Read the instruction manual before using your tablesaw to know and understand the various options and safety features on your model.

  • Follow any recommended safety tips for using a tablesaw.