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Bosch PKS 16 Multi Circular Saw

If there is one power tool you simply must add to your list, it's the Bosch PKS 16 Multi Circular Saw. Having just tried out the latest addition to the Bosch range I am definitely going to be adding this one to my list.


Super, super quiet operation, extremely lightweight design and ease of use are just a few of the features for the Bosch PSK 16. Even a blonde chick like me can use one of these! Although it is listed as a circular saw, the Bosch PKS 16 also cuts tiles... so this is definitely one tool for your workshop!

Designed for safe and simple precise cutting of a variety of materials, the Bosch PKS 16 Multi delivers all round. Even a beginner DIY enthusiast will quickly get the hang of using this powerful yet compact power tool.





You can use the Bosch PKS 16 Multi for cutting board (up to 16mm thick), perspex and acrylic sheet, aluminium and ceramic tiles, and the unit comes with a wood saw blade, a multi material saw blade and a diamond cutting disc for use with hard materials and tiles. With a soft grip and practical bow-shaped handle, the unit offers maximum user comfortable and easy operation, while the metal base plate provides stability when in use – even with only one hand.

Although it only has a maximum cutting depth of 16mm, this is ideal for almost all your DIY projects. The powerful 400 Watt motor allows for easy cutting and the transparent safety guard at the front of the unit  ensures user safety. There is even an added benefit of an attachable vacuum cleaner adapter which provides the user with a dust-free work environment.

The plunge cut function allows the user to do cutting work in the middle of the work piece without damage to the outer area. There are markings on the base plate which show the user the position of the saw blade at a maximum cutting depth. The line on the cut control indicates where the saw blade is located in the vertical horizon.

Okay, time to put the Bosch PKS 16 Multi to the test... As usual, always read the instruction manual before you plug in the tool. The manual offers instructions for using the tool and for how to perform a quick blade change when you want to cut different materials. The front of the PKS 16 has a viewing window to make it easy to follow your drawn guidelines and is also marked for the thickness of the blade.

The depth adjustment sits at the front of the unit and is easily adjusted by loosening and tightening the knob.

Changing the blade is quick and easy. Simply press the release lever for the base plate. Press down and hold the spindle lock button underneath the unit while loosening the locking nut with the supplied allen key.

Now you can remove the flange that holds the disc in place, pop in the new disc and tighten everything up. Push the base plate up to lock back into position. 

Cutting 16mm supawood is far less difficult than with a conventional circular saw and the PKS 16 is very quiet, which means far less noise for the neighbours to put up with.

The PSK 16 Multi comes complete with a cutting disc for ceramic tiles.

What's nice about cutting tiles using the PKS 16 Multi is that the transparent guard at the front means you don't have to don safety goggles for safe operation.

Cutting through the ceramic tile was like a hot knife through butter. Super smooth - no mess - no fuss.