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Get Started with Airbrush and Spray Gun Painting

Aircraft, one of the world's leading brands of spray guns, now offers complete kits in a wide range of spray guns, airbrushes, compressors and accessories.



There are spray guns and then there are... Aircraft Spray Guns. These spray guns take spray painting to the next level. Most spray guns that you purchase at a hardware store don't use a compressor, they simply suck in air and force it out with a small amount of pressure. These types of spray guns are great for when you are painting walls, painting fences or coating a deck, but they don't give you that ultra-fine professional finish that is essential if you are wanting a superior painted finish on your projects.


Spray painting with a compressor gives you far more pressure to spray paint and gives you an even, smooth flawless finish. And a compressor spray gun is so simple to use that it is perfect even for beginner DIY enthusiasts. With a spray gun that uses compressed air, you will achieve a better paint finish in far less time and at far less cost, since a spray gun used in conjunction with a compressor uses less paint than other methods.  And when you invest in Aircraft pneumatic and air tools, the quiet running compressor incorporates an auto-stop function that only operates when the spray gun or airbrush is switched on.





For those looking to take their spray painting to the next level, the Aircraft brand of spray guns offers an affordable solution that is backed by Vermont Sales technical staff to ensure you get the best experience.







Available in South Africa, the Aircraft range of spray guns and compressors, and selection of air tools, is a well-established brand that caters specifically for pneumatic solutions for the professional, the bakkie brigade (handymen) and DIY enthusiasts. The Aircraft reputation is so well known that airbrush and spray gun enthusiasts concur that the after-sales service provides peace of mind to all users.


"The Aircraft brand offers a complete solution and, combined with the service we provide, the countrywide supply and distribution and an extensive range of tools, compressors and accessories offer complete pneumatic solutions for the professional spray painter and DIYers," says Ryan Hunt, Sales Director at Vermont Sales. "We also offer a free Air Tool Training assist training for those needing technical instruction about using the Aircraft range of tools and also assistance in setting up a workshop to make full use of pneumatic and air tools, so that you can quickly set up your workshop or paint shop and be ready to go," advises Ryan.



Aircraft Pneumatic and Air Tools offer a complete solution for the professional spray painter and DIY enthusiasts.





Aircraft pneumatic tools comprise of polished aluminium body with plastic gravity-feed cups.



Choose a pneumatic kit that includes a gravity feed HVLP spray gun and a touch-up spray gun. This dual kit is ideal for the home workshop and professionals alike. Did you know that gravity feed spray guns require less air pressure and reduce overspray, that means you save in paint costs and have more control over the spray range? It is also a fact that gravity feed spray guns work well in conjunction with HVLP technology to deliver a professional finish.



What to look for in a spray gun

There are several factors that you need to consider before buying a spray gun:



- Longevity

Conventional spray guns sold at hardware stores generally have plastic components that wear and become damaged with use. Aircraft spray guns have an aluminium construction for long lifespan and use.



- Mobility and Portability

With expert assistance and backup from Vermont Sales and the ability to set up your workshop at home or on a jobsite where you need it.


- Usability

You want a spray gun that provides adjustment and the ability to disperse paint in various thicknesses, depending on the project. The right spray gun system will also reduce paint usage by up to 30%.


- Pressure

Consider your needs; do you only want a spray gun that delivers adequate painting performance, or do you want a spray gun that offers a professional finish? This will determine whether you want to go with a conventional spray gun or a pneumatic spray gun with maximum pressure for a smooth finish.


- Environmentally friendly

Canned spray paint contains solvents and harmful VOCs, while spray guns can be used with VOC-free paints.






Where can you use a spray gun?

How many of you use spray paint cans for your projects? If you have, you also know how expensive these products are and that you will need more than one can for most projects. Now imagine that you have a pneumatic spray gun that does the same job, better and at far less cost. The initial cost to set up the system might seem expensive, but it will soon pay for itself once you start using the spray gun for the following projects:



- Painting furniture

Using a spray gun ensures that you not only finish flat horizontal or vertical surfaces but that you can also paint detailed areas and other surfaces that are hard to reach with a paintbrush or paint roller.


- Painting cupboards and cabinets - great for the kitchen

There is no better way to spray paint cupboards or cabinets than by using an HVLP spray gun.


- Professional painting jobs both indoors and outdoors

Any professional painter knows that his or her reputation hangs on a job well done and that counts for DIY enthusiasts as well. You can only achieve professional when you use professional tools.


- Any project with a large surface area

HVLP spray guns cover large surfaces with ease and use less paint in the process. Cut down the time spent spraying and speed up your painting jobs.



Other pneumatic tools and air tools in the Aircraft range include Nail guns, Needle Scalers, Riveters, Sanders, Staplers, Tyre Buffers, compressors and an extensive range of accessories.



AirCraft has a vast range of spray guns, airbrushes, accessories and hoses to complete the setup of your home workshop or professional paint shop. and offer a complete range of airbrushes to enhance their kits even further. To view the full range of Aircraft pneumatic tools, compressors and accessories visit and click through to AirCraft.






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