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Festool How-To Guide for Renovation Work

Festool offers the perfect system solutions for renovation work covering all tools, accessories, and dust extractors.






Business has been booming in the renovation and restoration sector for many years now, so much so that increasing numbers of tradespeople are choosing to specialize in these areas. Renovation work is often overly complex and diverse, which makes planning and progress on the construction site more difficult overall. If you are equipped for any challenges that might pop up, you will find it easy to work efficiently and reliably – ideally in a clean, healthy working environment, and Festool offers the perfect system solutions for this.

Renovation and restoration work has become increasingly common in recent years, not only for entire houses but also for sub-areas in them like bathrooms and kitchens. Many tradespeople have already adapted their businesses to this trend and decided to specialize in such work. This type of work is often more difficult for tradespeople to plan, however, and requires additional specialist knowledge of how to remove old coverings and materials. This poses a particular challenge for tradespeople because they need to work quickly, on schedule, and within a budget – as well as cleanly and without generating dust, as the work is usually carried out in inhabited rooms. This requires efficiency and precision to keep times short and costs down, both for the customer and for the tradesperson.









Clean, Efficient, Dust-Free Working – in Detail

When conducting renovation work on ceilings, walls, floors and façades, the materials most frequently worked on are concrete screed, tiles, adhesive residue, plaster, and coatings. Festool offers a comprehensive range of system solutions for tackling them, from the right machine and the optimum dust extraction system through to a wide variety of accessories for various materials. This system makes it possible to complete renovations quickly, efficiently, reliably, and healthily – which will give tradespeople a professional image and guarantee them long-term success.





Systems Make for Clever, Efficient Working

Instead of having to laboriously remove plaster, adhesive, paint, or other coatings using a hammer drill, Festool offers a more convenient solution: the Festool RENOFIX RG 130 diamond grinder. Used together with the CTM 36 E AC HD mobile dust extractor, it is perfect for removing varied materials without generating a lot of dust. Thanks to the wide range of diamond discs available, all the challenges of substrate preparation can be effortlessly overcome. The folding segment allows the user to work close to the edge, right up to the wall. The spring-loaded brush rim and the patented extraction spiral guarantee excellent extraction results, and consequently a clean working environment.





The angle grinder is one of the most versatile power tools and is therefore used for the most diverse applications: Floor tiles, concrete, screed, drywall panels or roofing tiles – anything can be worked on with an angle grinder, but unfortunately a lot of dust is normally generated in the process. No so with the Festool DSC AG 125 FH freehand diamond cutting system, which makes the perfect solution when used in conjunction with the CTM 36 E AC HD mobile dust extractor. This enables cutting work such as cutting mineral-based materials to size or making cut-outs in them, as well as notching tiles and natural stone panels, to be conducted virtually dust-free. The system is designed as an angle grinder with a compact dust extraction attachment, enabling the user to machine smaller cut-outs and tight spaces without any problems.





The clever thing about the system is that the user maintains a clear view of the cut despite the dust extraction attachment. The folding attachment also allows cuts to be made directly up against the wall. Meanwhile, the DSC-AG cutting system with guide rail (available up to five metres in length) makes unbeatably precise, clean working a reality, whether used to cut natural stone to size or on large floor tiles. Another indispensable task when conducting renovation work is stirring varied materials, which is why Festool offers a wide range of different stirrers and stirring rods, too.









All Festool MX stirrers can be easily adapted to their user's height using the ErgoFix height adjustment mechanism. And thanks to the FastFix quick change system, the stirrer basket can be separated from the machine without using a tool, allowing the basket to be changed in next to no time – so tradespeople can always use the right mixing tool for the job.



Everything is first class – including the service

"SERVICE all-inclusive" from Festool offers services that customers can always rely on. This means that after registering their tool, customers do not have to worry about repair costs and wear parts for 36 months. The package also offers a 10-year spare-part availability, quick turnaround time on all your repairs and a dedicated Festool End-User specialist to assist you on all your Festool needs and requirements and most importantly take your Festool journey with you. You can find additional information about all the available solutions for renovation work at


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