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Kreg Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine

Now available in South Africa, the Kreg Foreman pocket hole machine will open up a host of new opportunities for beginner and advanced DIY enthusiasts alike.


Today I visited the Vermont Sales open day at their head office in Midrand. The event was jam-packed with experts from all fields of tools and accessories, but I was very impressed to be introduced to the new Kreg Foreman pocket hole machine. The Kreg Foreman is now available at Tools4Wood and retails at R 7186.00, so definitely a tool for the more serious DIY enthusiast or SME contractor.

The Kreg Foreman is definitely designed with professionals and DIY enthusiasts in mind, and this machine is packed with features that will have you building with twice the speed and half the effort of a standard pocket hole jig.

With one pull of the handle the Kreg Foreman motors up, clamps your workpiece, and drills perfect pocket holes. With it's ability to drill pocket holes in timber and board from 13mm to 38mm thick, the Kreg Foreman pocket-hole machine is a versatile tool that anyone who enjoys making their own furniture and decor projects will love.





The large table offers ample workspace and the built-in storage tray and dust collection attachment keep your work space clean and neat. The clear markings in the table make it easy to position the fence, which is adjustable fence for positioning the workpiece for precise pocket depth. Two spring-loaded stops allow for repeatable accuracy.

The Kreg Foreman pocket hole machine comes with the Kreg hex shank pocket-hole drill bit and is compatible with the Kreg Micro-Pocket Bit and Kreg Heavy-Duty Bit.


With this machine you can drill pocket holes with amazing speed and accuracy - time after time. Simply pull the large control handle to start the powerful motor, clamp your workpiece securely in place, and raise the drill bit through the table. This simple operation drills a precisely-placed pocket hole at the perfect depth.


Lightweight yet durable, the Kreg Foreman pocket hole machine is extremely easy to use. It's also light enough to carry around for on-site projects.