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Using the best quality drill bits and accessories for home DIY projects

When you are tackling home repair, home maintenance or home improvements projects you don't want inferior quality accessories to let you down while. Quality accessories might cost you more, but at the end of the day they actually save you money.


At the DIY Divas workshops we place emphasis on buying quality accessories for use with power tools. For me personally, it doesn't make sense to buy drill bits and accessories made from inferior steel when these aren't going to do the job, or have I have to buy more than one to finish the project.

Alpen drill bits are produced in Austria in accordance with the highest quality standards - under the strictest quality controls. You can't compare these bits with the soft steel bits that you find on the shelf at your local hardware store or Builders. The cheaper bits might drill a single hole into concrete before you need to use a second bit - that's a single bit to drill one hole.





If you are mounting a curtain rail or fitting above a window or door where the concrete lintel is located, you're going to need to drill at least 2 holes, and sometimes 4 or more depending on what you are fitting. That means you save money by investing in a drill bit that will drill all the holes you need.

Time and again at demos and workshops we have demonstrated how Alpen bits drill easily into concrete - without putting strain on your drill or your patience! When you are standing at the top of a stepladder, the last thing you want is to fart around with bits that will not drill the holes. Do yourself a favour and invest in an Alpen drill bit set and save time and money on all your projects in and around the home.