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Bosch SDS plus 5X - Tough drill bit designed to easily break into reinforced concrete

Bosch Power Tools, which has 40 years of experience in design and in-house production of SDS plus drill bits, brings the new 6mm SDS plus-5X for professionals, which allows the user to quickly drill into rebar – significantly increasing efficiency for projects.


Drilling in reinforced concrete is one of the biggest challenges when working. When hitting rebar, the drill bit often gets stuck and breaks, even when immediately withdrawn. As a result, the user loses valuable time and money.

The SDS plus drill bit is suitable for residential, commercial and construction industries. It is designed to handle daily intensive drilling in reinforced concrete, thanks to its innovative four-cutter drill head geometry with at least one cutting edge, which guarantees to continuously attack the rebar from any angle it hits. This prevents the drill bit from getting stuck in rebar, hence it doesn’t break.





The centre tip of the drill bit facilitates the start of drilling in concrete and ensures deep and stable centring. Its unique turn angle head design enables excellent dust removal when drilling. It boasts a four flute design to effortlessly transport dust out quickly, resulting in a higher drilling speed and less wear in the channels. The Tungsten Carbide head architecture and composition ensures better quality and performance in concrete with rebar than any two-cutter in the market.