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The Kreg Quick Flip - One Tool Does Two Jobs

What if a single tool could drill and countersink a pilot hole while driving in the screw and the Kreg Quick Flip does both.





The Kreg Quick Flip 2-in-1 system allows you to drill flat-bottomed countersunk pilot holes and then quickly switch to drill function for driving screws.



This innovative Kreg tool does two complete jobs - without changing the tool bit - and creates a variety of strong joints. One side of the Kreg Quick Flip drills a pilot hole and counterbore while the other drives the screw with a #2 square-drive bit. This tool is Impact rated and comes with an ergonomic, easy-grip design that has earned it an international 4.3-star rating.



Using the Kreg Quick-Flip allows you to make use of Kreg's range of case-hardened screws for all types of strong, simple joints and all that with a single tool. With this 2-in-1 tool, you can quickly make joints using Kreg screws in many different applications. Did you know that Kreg screws are perfect for pocket-hole joints? Their tough design and high-quality engineering make Kreg screws ideal for plenty of other uses, too. Use the Quick-Flip with Kreg Screws to quickly face-join corners, attach false fronts to drawers, and much more.



You can use the Kreg Quick-Flip with Kreg Screws to quickly face-join corners, attach false fronts to drawers, and much more.




Tool innovators, Kreg have designed the Quick-Flip to have a double-ended insert with a quick-release housing. On the one end, a drill bit is sized to drill a perfect pilot hole for a Kreg screw, plus a cutter that drills a flat-bottomed counterbore that the screw head fits into. Simply flip the insert around to expose the other end: a #2 square-drive bit specially designed for use with Kreg screws.



The Kreg Quick Flip is designed to fit into any drill chuck for ease of operator use.





The features include a two-sided drill bit and driver that drill a pilot hole and 3/8" counterbore, that offers an adjustable pilot-hole drilling depth on a 1/4" Hex shank.



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