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Know your Drill/Driver

As one of the best investments for anyone interested in do-it-yourself, a drill/driver is a versatile two-in-one power tool. If you own one and haven't used it yet, here's a rundown on what these powerful tools can do.


As you know, the DIY Divas and Home-Dzine prefer to use Bosch power tools for our workshops and projects. We know that Bosch is top of the range of DIY, and that we can count on Bosch power tools to be ready when we need them!

A drill/driver is a combination screwdriver and drill. The back control ring on your drill/driver can be switched from screwdriver function to drill function. The torque setting (or screw control) can be from 1 to 10 or 1 to 20, depending on the model of drill/driver that you own. This torque setting comes in very handy when working with a variety of timber and boards, and different types of screws.

There are many different types of timber and board, some are soft like pine, BisonBord and plywood, others are hard like SupaWood and meranti. And then you still have to consider the various types of screws. The Torque Setting allows you to adjust the drill/driver from 1 to 5 - for soft boards and small screws, right up to 10 to 20 for harder boards. In other words, the torque setting gives your greater control for various materials.





At the far end of the control ring is the setting for Drill setting, and this setting is used for all drilling tasks - giving you maximum power when you need it most. While a drill/driver can't drill into concrete, it can drill into almost everything else. Use as a drill for timber and board, acrylics, aluminium, plaster and bricks and even tiles.

Most models of drill/driver feature a keyless chuck, which means that you simply turn the front chuck to lock and release accessories such as drill and screw bits. You never have to worry about losing the chuck key! What makes Bosch drill/drivers different is that it clicks as you lock, so that you know the accessory is firmly seated in the grips of the chuck.

Another unique feature on the Bosch range of drill/drivers, is the forward reverse indicator light on the top of the drill/driver. While you may think you won't need it, it's amazing how many times you are battling to drive in a screw and only realise when you look at the indicator that you are in reverse. The DIY Divas find this feature indispensible at the workshops, and we have plenty of laughs all round when ladies realise they are running in reverse rather than forwards!

Battery charging is quick and easy across all models of Bosch drill/drivers, and the new Li-Ion (lithium ion) range now offer a single battery that fits into the entire family of cordless tools.