Keep Your Tools, Knives, Scissors and Other Cutting Tools Sharp All The Time

Having a system of sharpening all your cutting tools is a way to save money and ensure these are always sharp and ready for use and a wetstone or drill bit sharpener is the perfect solution.






When you have a home DIY workshop, do your own home repairs or home maintenance, or have a hobby or craft that keeps you occupied, keeping cutting tools as sharp as possible is a must. If you do not possess a sharpener, whether for scissors or drill bits, it works out costly when you constantly have to replace items because they are blunt and, let's be honest, nothing comes cheap anymore. Investing in a sharpening tool is the right way to go and you will always have a way to keep all your cutting tools ready for use.



Take a closer look at the Olfa range of cutting tools for your craft and hobby interests.



Multi-Sharp offer a range of sharpening tools that allow you to sharpen a wide selection of tool and cutting accessories. As a specialist manufacturer of sharpening tools, Multi-Sharp offer sharpening systems for drill bits, shears and scissors, and a variety of cutting tools and blades that you use in the garden, workshop or home.



The Multi-Sharp Wetstone Chisel and Blade Sharpener offers a wetstone surface (water-cooled sharpening stone) that can be easily adjusted to sharpen tools that require cutting angles between 25 to 40 degrees. The included leather stop ensures that sharpened tools have zero burrs and a razor-sharp cutting edge. The great thing is that, if you own this, you can sharpen chisels and blades anytime you need to and never have to worry about replacing blunt tools.





The entire Multi-Sharp range of sharpeners are specifically designed to take into consideration that not every cutting edge has the same angle and that for a cutting tool to cut well, you have to ensure the correct cutting angle. There are plenty of self-help videos and tutorials on the Web that will provide insight into the best cutting angle for all types of cutting tools.





Use the Multi-Sharp Drill Bit Sharpener on your drill bits, screwdrivers, tile cutters, cold chisels and any other carbide-tipped cutting tools you have.



Designed for use by workshop enthusiasts, DIYers, carpenters and contractors, the Multi-Sharp Drill Bit Sharpener can sharpen all types of drill bits from wood to masonry and including spade bits. But not only great for sharpening drill bits and spade bits, the Multi-Sharp Drill Bit Sharpener also sharpens tile cutters, screwdrivers, cold chisels and carbide-tipped tools.





The Multi-Sharp sharpening collection can be found at leading hardware stores countrywide as well as online suppliers for delivery throughout South Africa.



To see the range of Multi-Sharp tools available in South Africa, including their workshop cutting tool range and sharpeners for almost any tool you need in the garden and home, visit page where you can download the Multi-Sharp catalogue or click to visit the Multi-Sharp company website.






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