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The WORX 5-in-1 Multi-Sander for all Sanding Applications

A first from WORX, the Sandeck multi-head cordless sander that does it all to save you time.






Another new unique tool in the WORX tool collection is the 5-in-1 SANDECK Multi Sander WRX WX820.9. This sander is a finishing sander, orbital sander, detail sander, finger sander, and curved area sander all in one powerful tool.



The WORX SANDECK is a powerful, versatile, yet lightweight, DIY tool for all sanding applications. Complete with five different sanding plates, it is easy to change the function of the SANDECK multi-sander from a finishing sander to orbital sander, detail sander, finger sander, or curved area sander. Switching between the five sanding functions is quick and easy, thanks to the innovative tool-less clamping system. To change the function to whatever sanding you need, you only loosen a clamp and change the sanding plate before re-tightening the clamp and the sander is then ready for use. The patented design 'hyperlock' clamping system provides up to 1 ton of clamping force that prevents the sanding plates from slipping during use.









• Finishing Sander

Characterized by the rectangular-shaped sanding platform, an orbital finishing sander lets you fit assorted grit sanding paper onto the sanding platform. This provides you with the ability to sand using any grit sandpaper - for fine and finishing sanding - that you won't be able to do using a conventional finishing sander that uses velcro-like sanding pads.





• Orbital Sander

The most popular sander for all types of sanding tasks is the orbital sander. An orbital sander has a circular pad that can be fitted with assorted grit sanding pads to sand large surface areas with ease. Variable speed control and lightweight design allow for comfortable use and reduced strain.





As with all WORX cordless power tools in the range, the SANDECK is part of the WORX Powershare battery collection which allows you to interchange your 20V batteries with any WORX 20V tool – across the garden and power tool ranges. This lets you expand your cordless tool system, sharing batteries and saving money. You can do it all with WORX PowerShare™ - the only cordless tool platform that allows you to use the same battery to power your 20V and 40V tools.



• Detail Sander

A detail sander is an invaluable tool when you need to sand awkward corners or hard to reach areas. Characterized by its triangular shape, this sander makes sanding detailed areas easy and efficient. A detail sander is the best sander for small areas and is an invaluable tool for restoring or upcycling furniture or accessories.









Use the WORX SANDECK with finger sanding platform to get into detailed areas and awkward or tight spaces.




• Finger Sander

There are plenty of sanding projects where you need to get into tight spaces or sand around or in detailed areas, and a finger sander gets into most places. Ideal for when restoring pieces where you need to remove varnish or paint, such as staircase balustrades, chair backs, or in tight spaces, etc.





• Curved Area Sander

Sand pipes and tubes, or curved areas that are hard to reach with a conventional sander. For most sanding tasks where you need to sand curved surfaces, hand sanding is the necessary choice, but the SANDECK curved area platform lets you sand curves easily. 



To aid you with various sanding tasks, the WORX SANDECK multi-sander is designed with a variable speed function so that you have complete control of the rate of sanding. A dust stop micro-filter box on the sander ensures low levels of dust whilst sanding and in turn creates a cleaner working environment.



Technical Specs

  • Voltage: 20V
  • No-load speed: 4000-10000/min
  • Orbit Action: Rotary -Φ2.5mm”, Detail-Φ1.8mm
  • Machine weight: 1.27kg



WORX is a brand at Vermont Sales and available at all leading outlets countrywide. For more information visit:





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