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What is the Right Direction for Router?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to using a router, specifically as concerns the right direction for routing.


Do you go in the direction of the router bit or against it? Do you follow the grain of the wood? Many beginner DIY enthusiasts get a bit confused when it comes to using a router and the correct way to rout along edges. So much confusion that many tend to put off routing projects. I came across the video below and for a change, it made it very easy to understand the correct way to rout.

If you're new to routing or have just bought yourself a router - no matter the model, take a look at the video below that explains how to know in which direction to rout.







What is a Router?

When hosting our DIY Divas Full Day Workshops, we introduce those attending to using a router, and it is apparent that not many beginner DIY enthusiasts actually know what a router is or what it does. In this article, we offer an easy explanation for why and when you  would need to use a router.

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A router is a power tool that is used for cutting slots and grooves, trimming board and laminate, creating edge profiles for joints or joinery, and to add a decorative finish to your DIY furniture projects. The router itself accepts different router bits that give this tool its versatility across a wide scope of DIY and woodworking projects.







When would you use a Router?

If you are a beginner or advanced DIY enthusiast, a router gives you the ability to perform various basic woodworking tasks:

- Cut slots and grooves

- Add a decorative edge to tops

- Trim laminate for perfect edges

No one tool can be said to be as versatile as a router, particularly when you consider the wide and varied range of router bits that can be used with the tool. A router allows you to be more creative with your projects and also apply a finishing that gives home DIY projects a professional look. Click here for more information on the various router bits you can use.







Which Direction to use a Router?



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