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Keeping your workshop clean

For most amateur DIY enthusiasts, a workshop is usually a small space set up in a garage, outdoor shed, carport, or even a spare room in the house. Keeping this space clean and cutting down on dust is important.

If you don't have the luxury of a space that is a dedicated workshop, chances are you will be using an area that serves an entirely different purpose. Many DIY enthusiasts, especially those that only do occasional DIY projects, don't want to go to the expense of setting up a full-on workshop and would rather make use of an existing area. Garages and carports are generally the most common places to set up a work space.





With most DIY projects making lots of mess, it makes sense to invest in a dust collector system that cuts down on dust from tools that cut and sand. The dust collector you use doesn't have to be fancy as long as it can be connected to your power tools and contain dust that can be disposed of later on.

Since most of the power tools on the market these days allow for fitting a dust collector hose, the Triton Dust Collector is a good investment for a small workshop. Priced at R917 if you buy from, the dust collector bucket comes complete with hoses and is quick and easy to set up. Plus, the unit is compatible with most tools fitted with dust extraction outlets such as the Bosch range of power tools.

While fitting a dust collector will not completely eliminate dust, it will cut down on the amount of dust when using power tools. And when you consider how much dust is produced when using a jigsaw or sander, fitting a dust collector will help keep your workspace cleaner and easier to clean up.