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Table Saw VS Miter Saw: Which One Suits For Your Next Project?

Do you get a Table Saw or a Miter Saw? Or maybe you get both.


Don't we love custom-built fixtures and furniture? Whether you are just beginning on carpentry or trying out a DIY tutorial you saw online, saws are a must have for carpentry projects.

However, deciding on tools can be quite overwhelming for most of us. Making trade-offs that will deliver what we need satisfactorily can be daunting.

Do you get a Table Saw or a Miter Saw? Or maybe you get both. Saws are usually some of the most expensive tools in the workshop. Sometimes you just don't have the luxury of getting both. miter saw table saw trade-offs have to be made.

I guess the question you are asking is, " Which do I need for my next project?" Rightly so you'll get your answer but first, let's understand what each is:


Any workshop worth its salt has this powerful tool. The table saw is a versatile tool. It is used to rip (cut) boards to width/thickness required. It's also used to make crosscuts. By crosscuts I mean cutting strips of board to the desired length. However, using the table saw when making cross cuts can be cumbersome. This is due to the setup required to make the cuts accurate and safe for the user. Contemporary table saws have seen their efficiency increased. They are fitted with sliding supports and rolling stands enabling them to handle more application. They are very popular and can handle large volumes of work.






Miter saws exist because of the shortcoming of table saws. It features a blade mounted on an arm that moves. It bevels to the right or left to make cuts. Miter saws cut miters. Miters are bevel cuts made on wood usually at 45 degrees. The cuts are used to make joints at corners in door frames, picture frames and so on. Miters saws are also suited to make cross-cuts on longer boards which can be tricky with table saws. It doesn't just make the above cuts it makes them far more accurately compared to a table saw. If you are looking to make quick clean cuts for something like a picture frame, then you might want to rent a miter saw.

What You Need For Your Next Project

From above, it is clear that the two somehow compliment each other. Deciding on what you need for your next project can thus be tricky. If you have a workshop and have the cash it would be wise to have them both.

Table saws are more versatile. If you engage in general projects regularly then this one is a must-have. If you are limited on funds, you could always hire a miter saw for specialized tasks. If you are the once in a blue moon DIY-er, RENT RENT RENT.

If you are doing smaller tasks, such as kitchen renovations or DIY shelves, getting a miter saw will save you time and deliver clean cuts. However, if you are on a big project like doing your ceiling and roof, you have no option but having access to both.

To close off, it is important that you understand your needs. What is the scale of your project? Which sizes of boards/ wood are you dealing with, and what are the likely types of cut you'll have to make? How regularly will I need these tools? Do I have the cash to make these investments? Once you have these answers, deciding what you need, and the trade-offs to make will be easier. So, table saw or miter saw? You have the answer!