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Setting Up A Table Router? You Need The Triton TRA001

If you are planning on investing in a router table, you need to get the Triton TRA001 Plunge Router for easy setting up and easy use.




When I originally set up my router table a few years back, I realised that you couldn't use just any router in this configuration, you needed a router that could simply be switched on and off and not many models offer this.


Click here for more details and pricing information on the Triton TRA001 Precision Plunge Router - Dual Mode



Most models have a built-in safety feature that does not allow the router to be switched on or off without first engaging the safety function, but the Triton TRA001 does away with this function, allowing it to be easily installed in a router table while a safety switch shutter prevents accidental operation.







For those who don't know... A router is a power tool that can be used to cut out decorative edges on timber and board products. It can also be used to cut slots, rebates and grooves with ease.



Changing router bits is easy

Another feature and benefit of the Triton TRA001 Precision Plunge Router is the ability to change router bits ' above the table' with a single spanner action. Again, this is not a common feature but one that makes it far simpler to change router bits once the router is mounted in a router table.







Plenty of power for all timber and board products

The 2400W motor offers 3-1/4hp of power to handle even the roughest of timbers while the electronic speed control provides a super-fine finish on all timbers and boards. The integral soft start and variable speed control ensure optimal speed for all types of cutters.



Plunge or router table modes

The Triton TRA001 offers quick and easy switching from table mode to conventional plunge mode. A plunge spring provides easy lifting and/or adjustment when mounted within a router table.







Click here for more details and pricing information on the Triton TRA001 Precision Plunge Router - Dual Mode


Safety first

This model features an automatic spindle lock that engages upon closing the power switch, effectively ensuring safe operation. The TRA001 is fitted with fully enclosed guarding to provide ultimate protection when using the router and this guarding also assists with optional dust extraction.


Check out the video below for more information on the Triton TRA001 Precision Plunge Router or click on any of these articles for additional details: Best Router for your Money - Invest in a Router Table -



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