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Invest in a Router Table

I have had my router table for just over a year and have reached the stage where I couldn't live without it - or use a conventional router.



I have never been a fan of having to use my router. Getting it out, setting it up, having to clamp and re-clamp everything. That's one of the reasons why I was over the moon when Dremel launched their Dremel Trio. Sadly, the Trio is no more and I was soooo not looking forward to using my router again.

Then, the guys at Vermont Sales let me try out a Triton WorkCentre with Router Module with Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router and I am spoiled for life! I might only have the older version of the WorkCentre, and it might be basic, but it's still a pleasure to use it for all my routing projects.







The difference between a free-standing and table-mounted router is that, the router is mounted underneath the table and allows you to move the piece around freely. The router table also has an adjustable fence for straight cuts, but it's just so easy to add a decorative edge, cut a slot, or rout inside a frame, as I did with the cottage pane frame doors [see below for details].



If you enjoy making your own furniture and home decor accessories, and take pride in ensuring your projects don't look home made, a router is an essential tool for edging and adding decorative detail. I use mine all the time for making my own picture frames, picture frames for our www.DIY workshops, and for adding decorative detail to a wide selection of projects on the Home-Dzine website.






The Triton WorkCentre might be a tad on the pricey side at a cost of around R12 000, but you can justify the cost by making projects for family and friends, or sell some of your made projects, to quickly recoup your investment. Scroll down to see a short (very short) video of me using the Triton Router Table to make cottage frames.



Below I have included a short video clip of me using the Triton WorkCentre with Triton Router to make the cottage pane frames that we will be using for our Kitchen Cabinet Workshop. I will be loading the step-by-step for this project after the workshop.