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Another first from Festool - A multi-adjustable Edge Sander

The Festool Multi-Adjustable Edge Sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus handles all your sanding tasks and is packed in the newly-designed Systainer.



Festool Multi-Adjustable Edge Sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus offers sanding on all types of material edges, including painted edges. No matter whether straight or curved, coarse or painted, perpendicular or at an angle, even large and bulky work pieces can be sanded perfectly in no time at all.


This professional innovative Festool multi-adjustable edge sander is now available to handle all your sanding tasks and is now packed in the newly designed Systainer.

If you love to get stuck into DIY or do jobs on-site, you have spent many hours using a piece of sandpaper or a sanding block, whether it's to remove rough edges, smooth the finish or sand edges. Festool knows that every edge is different and can vary from project-to-project or job-to-job. The last thing you need to have to replace and edge, making your job even more difficult.  No matter if edges are rough cut or sawn or finished with detailed routing, the unique Festool Edge Sander provides solutions for all your sanding jobs.

With the Festool Edge Sander, you are ready to finish any edge, doing away with the process of manual sanding whatever material you are working with. Festool ES-ETS 125 models are specifically designed to tackle all types of edges for a professional finish and saving you time.

Festool's  Edge Sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus offers full-surface support that prevents any tipping over or sanding through the edge material. It has an adjustable sanding mode that is precise and simple to use - simply pull the lever to adjust the flexible angle.







The Festool Edge Sander lets you be cost effective and save valuable time normally spent sanding by hand. Plug the sander into your Systainer and get started - as easy as that!








Full-surface support on the Festool ES-ETS 125 ensures sander does not tip over or sand through. The tool-free angle adjustment can be used to copy and lock-free angles while the angle display guarantees precision when setting angles manually.



Achieve maximum dust-free sanding when used in conjunction with the integral dust extraction system, fitted with a dust bag or any of the wide selection of Festool Dust Extractors.

The perfect tool for anyone who undertakes furniture renovation or restoration or those who manufacture furniture and/or cabinetry the Festool edge sander is reliable and easy to use - whatever the material. Simply select the perfect setting on the adjustable sanding mode and the sander quickly and precisely adapts to the surface. These adjustable sanding modes provide a selection of sanding options: set for hard mode when pre-sanding so that the edge of your work piece is sanded as per the set angle. Use the sander In soft mode for any intermediate sanding.







The Festool Edge Sander is tailor-made to fit all Festool tool and equipment.



For more information and technical specifications on the Festool Edge sander visit For sales or retail information contact Vermont Sales Johannesburg -  0113147711 or visit for dealer details.




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