Change the Look of a Sofa with Upholstered Sofa Covers

Is your sofa looking a bit worse for wear with stains, rips and tears that cannot be disguised? Look at the funky upholstered sofa covers that are available in SA.



The Top Selling Festool Power Tools

Festool is fast becoming one of the best brands of power tools on the market, but are they worth the cost?



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How to Select the Safest - and Best - Online Shopping Sites

In the last couple of years, online shopping sites have increased exponentially as more South Africans go online for their shopping, but how safe are some of these online shopping sites?



Kit Out Your Craft or Hobby Tools with this Olfa Special

When the warmer weather starts so does crafts and hobbies as we start to get stuck in and making - take advantage of this special for the month of August and purchase Olfa Cutters and Accessories at a reduced price.


Special Offer: Kreg 520 PRO Pocket-Hole Jig System

Here's an opportunity to take your DIY or woodworking skills to the next level with the Kreg 520 PRO Pocket-Hole Jig.



Our Pick Of The Best Hanging Basket Chairs

If you haven't yet relaxed in a hanging basket chair you don't know what you're missing, so take a look at what's available and make your selection.



CAT DX51B Cordless Jigsaw with 18V Battery Power

The CAT DX51B Jigsaw is powered by an 18V Li-ion battery and features a brushless motor with Soft Start and Overload protection.



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Quick Draw Precision Tape Measure With Auto Marking

Quick Draw USA has created the unique innovative all in one tape measure and marker.



Save On the Kreg K5 Master Jig System

If you are looking to invest in a Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig System, here's your last chance to get the Kreg K5 system at a reduced price.



Start Up Your Business With A WORX Tool Bundle

When starting up a SME you are going to need tools and accessories and it pays to invest in the best with this WORX tool bundle.



Festool Trade Up Campaign for June 2021

Take your old circular saw - any brand - to the closest Festool dealer and receive a R1500 voucher you can use towards the purchase of a brand new Festool TS55, including guide rail.



In The Home, On Or Off The Road - You Can Take it Anywhere!

The WORX High-Pressure washer is so portable that you can use it anywhere.




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WORX Introduces the latest unique garden cutting and sawing tools

WORX offers the ultimate range of garden cutting and sawing tools including Jaw Saws, pole saws, one-handed Chain Saws, chainsaws, and grass shears.



7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine

Here are seven things to think about before you go shopping for a new washing machine.



WORX WX051 Pegasus Folding Work Table and Sawhorse

The versatile WORX Pegasus folding work table is portable, lightweight and easily converts into a sawhorse for jobs on-site or in a DIY workshop.



Kit Out Your DIY Workshop With A Sturdy Bench

Builders currently have a selection of workshop benches on sales that are great for starting up your DIY workshop.



Creating A Smart Home

Creating smart homes with the power of security: Introducing the C6N and C1C-B



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Take A Look At The New Consol Glass Bottles

Sleek and stylish, why drink your refreshments from plain bottles when you can have your own personal glass bottles?



WORX Landroid Robotic Lawnmower

The New WORX fully Robotic Landroid Lawnmower that does it all - on its own.




Should You Filter Your Drinking Water?

With over 40 years of experience, JoJo has shown South Africans how to harvest water and store rainwater and now they are ready to show you how to filter your drinking water, straight from the tap.


Quick Tip: Tap For Emergency Lighting

Load shedding causes grief for everyone, but my least favourite is having to go to the bathroom when the power is off and I can't find the torch in the dark.



Take A Look At DeskStand - An Adjustable Standing Desk

Perfect for working at home or for improving your posture, the DeskStand is an adjustable standing desk that complies with ergonomic regulation guidelines.



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Buy Krud Kutter Products In South Africa

Go searching on the Internet and you will find hundreds of instances where users recommend Krud Kutter for cleaning and degreasing in the home.



Wall-mounted Bike Rack Brings Form and Function Together for Stylish Cyclists

The creative team at TimHarris Design has now introduced a bike rack that doubles as an art piece for biking enthusiasts.


Worx Aerocart Makes Your Heavy And Hard Work Easier

Imagine a wheelbarrow that does more than carry soil and stuff - the Worx Aerocart is an 8-in-1 wheelbarrow that lifts and carries heavy loads for you.



Make Perfect Corners For Your DIY Picture Frames

For those who enjoy making their own DIY picture frames, the Wolfcraft Corner Clamps make every project even easier.



4 Woodworking Gadgets That Save You Time

I'm all for gadgets that save you time, particularly if they work, and these 4 woodworking gadgets are ones you might consider adding to your collection.



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Another first from Festool - A multi-adjustable Edge Sander

The Festool Multi-Adjustable Edge Sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus handles all your sanding tasks and is packed in the newly-designed Systainer.



Tork Craft’s Create and Learn DIY Kids collection

Tork Craft Kiddies Build It Yourself range of kits let young children create and learn while having fun.



Decorate the holiday home with balloons

If you are planning any special occasions at your home for Christmas or New Year's, don't forget the balloons!



Where To Buy Live Edge Slabs For Woodworking Projects

I'm a huge fan of working with live edge slabs for coffee table and dining table woodworking, but where can you buy these?



Vencasa Uncovers The Hidden Power Of Sleep

We might not be able to whisk away your stress and strains, but the sleep experts at Vencasa can help give you the support you need for restorative sleep.



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Handmade Gifts Made In South Africa

Christmas is the season for giving and what better way to give than to buy a gift that is handmade in South Africa.



Affordable Canvas Images For The Home

If you are longing to hang your memories to create a gallery or image wall, here's a great place to have your images printed on canvas.



Vermont Sales brings you CAT Power Tools

Vermont Sales is extending its mammoth line-up of international blue-chip brands yet again with the introduction of the rugged CAT power tool range - heating the South African market.



On Special - Kreg Bench top Router Table

Using a router mounted in a table (upside down) is far easier than using an upright router (freestanding) and allows you to do more without any hassle.



3 Tips for Buying Furniture Online

If you are considering successfully buying furniture online, here are 3 great tips to help you.



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Maximise your Outdoor Living Space with BalconyBar

Locally manufactured, BalconyBar helps maximise the floor space on your balcony for the ultimate entertainment area.



Ceramic Hob or Induction Hob - Which is Better?

I'm in the process of shopping for a new hob for my kitchen and a very interesting question occurred. Should I buy a ceramic hob or an induction hob?



How an Ice Cream Maker Will Improve Your Kitchen?

With an ice cream maker, you can treat yourself and your family to some quality ice cream made with the best flavors available.



Now You Can Buy Quality Tiles Online At Italtile

The global pandemic has brought about plenty of changes, but one change we can enjoy is the ability to buy more online.



Bosch 550W Palm Router on Special - TODAY ONLY!

For those wanting to start doing small router projects, the Bosch GKF 550W Palm Router is a powerful router that is very easy to use and on special offer for today only!



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On Special: Kreg R3 Pocket-Hole Jig

The perfect solution for DIY enthusiasts and woodworkers, the Kreg R3 Pocket-Hole Jig makes all your crafty DIY and woodworking projects easy.



Festool's Try Before You Buy Promotion

Here's a great opportunity for you to put Festool to the test with their 'Try before you buy' promotion.



Face Masks To Make You Smile!

Masks to make you smile! African Smiles and local creatives support the Smile Foundation by designing inspiring face masks with a message.



Modular Shelving: A Must for Minimalist Modern Living

Take a look at a chic shelving solution that lets you create configurations that best suit your space, style and needs – the Modular Shelving System from TimHarris Design.



On Special: SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro mounted on Mobile Cart

With the SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro including Mobile Cart, you can take your job wherever you need to work.



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Festool Special - Today Only!

Fill your shopping cart with the most sought-after FestoolTS 55 REBQ-Plus-FS Circular Saw / track saw special this week, plus you get a free blade.



Energizer Torch and Headlamps for Kids

Energizer torches and headlamps are fun for kids in the dark, during load shedding and power outages.



Using 2-Part Epoxy Resin for Casting with Woodworking Projects

There is a trend that has been around for a couple of years for using 2-part epoxy resin to cast with woodworking projects, particular for making river tables and here's how.



Hot Kreg Specials this Winter!

Don't let winter get the best of you when you can buy a selection of Kreg tools at hot prices on Woodworking Wednesday!



Festool - For the Man Woodworker who has Wants Everything!

Just in time for Father's Day, take advantage of the ridiculous specials on offer on Festool.




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Dealing with Knots, Cracks and Splits in Pine

Unless you are prepared to fork out a fortune for hardwood, SA pine is more than likely what you will be working with and you need to know how to fix knots so that they don't spoil a project.


Great Gifts for the Dad who Loves to DIY

If you are stuck for ideas on what you get your Dad for Father's Day, here are some great DIY gifts that he will really appreciate.



Recycle or Buy Steel Lockers for Storage

Steel lockers have become quite trendy in the past couple of years and you can recycle or buy steel lockers for storage cabinets or display pieces.



Tork Craft Wire Strippers make Electrical Repairs Easy!

I have been looking for a decent wire stripper for quite some time, so I'm glad to see that Tork Craft have introduced 2 wire stripper options.



Things to Consider When Choosing A Bed for You and Your Partner

A good mattress for couples promotes healthy relationships, as well as physical health and well-being.



5 Best-Looking Espresso Machines for a Modern Kitchen

There are several espresso machines that not only look great but will turn you into a barista!



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