Buy Krud Kutter Products In South Africa

Go searching on the Internet and you will find hundreds of instances where users recommend Krud Kutter for cleaning and degreasing in the home.



Wall-mounted Bike Rack Brings Form and Function Together for Stylish Cyclists

The creative team at TimHarris Design has now introduced a bike rack that doubles as an art piece for biking enthusiasts.


Worx Aerocart Makes Your Heavy And Hard Work Easier

Imagine a wheelbarrow that does more than carry soil and stuff - the Worx Aerocart is an 8-in-1 wheelbarrow that lifts and carries heavy loads for you.



Make Perfect Corners For Your DIY Picture Frames

For those who enjoy making their own DIY picture frames, the Wolfcraft Corner Clamps make every project even easier.



4 Woodworking Gadgets That Save You Time

I'm all for gadgets that save you time, particularly if they work, and these 4 woodworking gadgets are ones you might consider adding to your collection.



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Another first from Festool - A multi-adjustable Edge Sander

The Festool Multi-Adjustable Edge Sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus handles all your sanding tasks and is packed in the newly-designed Systainer.



Tork Craft’s Create and Learn DIY Kids collection

Tork Craft Kiddies Build It Yourself range of kits let young children create and learn while having fun.



Decorate the holiday home with balloons

If you are planning any special occasions at your home for Christmas or New Year's, don't forget the balloons!



Where To Buy Live Edge Slabs For Woodworking Projects

I'm a huge fan of working with live edge slabs for coffee table and dining table woodworking, but where can you buy these?



Vencasa Uncovers The Hidden Power Of Sleep

We might not be able to whisk away your stress and strains, but the sleep experts at Vencasa can help give you the support you need for restorative sleep.



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Handmade Gifts Made In South Africa

Christmas is the season for giving and what better way to give than to buy a gift that is handmade in South Africa.



Affordable Canvas Images For The Home

If you are longing to hang your memories to create a gallery or image wall, here's a great place to have your images printed on canvas.



Vermont Sales brings you CAT Power Tools

Vermont Sales is extending its mammoth line-up of international blue-chip brands yet again with the introduction of the rugged CAT power tool range - heating the South African market.



On Special - Kreg Bench top Router Table

Using a router mounted in a table (upside down) is far easier than using an upright router (freestanding) and allows you to do more without any hassle.



3 Tips for Buying Furniture Online

If you are considering successfully buying furniture online, here are 3 great tips to help you.



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Maximise your Outdoor Living Space with BalconyBar

Locally manufactured, BalconyBar helps maximise the floor space on your balcony for the ultimate entertainment area.



Ceramic Hob or Induction Hob - Which is Better?

I'm in the process of shopping for a new hob for my kitchen and a very interesting question occurred. Should I buy a ceramic hob or an induction hob?



How an Ice Cream Maker Will Improve Your Kitchen?

With an ice cream maker, you can treat yourself and your family to some quality ice cream made with the best flavors available.



Now You Can Buy Quality Tiles Online At Italtile

The global pandemic has brought about plenty of changes, but one change we can enjoy is the ability to buy more online.



Bosch 550W Palm Router on Special - TODAY ONLY!

For those wanting to start doing small router projects, the Bosch GKF 550W Palm Router is a powerful router that is very easy to use and on special offer for today only!



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On Special: Kreg R3 Pocket-Hole Jig

The perfect solution for DIY enthusiasts and woodworkers, the Kreg R3 Pocket-Hole Jig makes all your crafty DIY and woodworking projects easy.



Festool's Try Before You Buy Promotion

Here's a great opportunity for you to put Festool to the test with their 'Try before you buy' promotion.



Face Masks To Make You Smile!

Masks to make you smile! African Smiles and local creatives support the Smile Foundation by designing inspiring face masks with a message.



Modular Shelving: A Must for Minimalist Modern Living

Take a look at a chic shelving solution that lets you create configurations that best suit your space, style and needs – the Modular Shelving System from TimHarris Design.



On Special: SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro mounted on Mobile Cart

With the SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro including Mobile Cart, you can take your job wherever you need to work.



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Festool Special - Today Only!

Fill your shopping cart with the most sought-after FestoolTS 55 REBQ-Plus-FS Circular Saw / track saw special this week, plus you get a free blade.



Energizer Torch and Headlamps for Kids

Energizer torches and headlamps are fun for kids in the dark, during load shedding and power outages.



Using 2-Part Epoxy Resin for Casting with Woodworking Projects

There is a trend that has been around for a couple of years for using 2-part epoxy resin to cast with woodworking projects, particular for making river tables and here's how.



Hot Kreg Specials this Winter!

Don't let winter get the best of you when you can buy a selection of Kreg tools at hot prices on Woodworking Wednesday!



Festool - For the Man Woodworker who has Wants Everything!

Just in time for Father's Day, take advantage of the ridiculous specials on offer on Festool.




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Dealing with Knots, Cracks and Splits in Pine

Unless you are prepared to fork out a fortune for hardwood, SA pine is more than likely what you will be working with and you need to know how to fix knots so that they don't spoil a project.


Great Gifts for the Dad who Loves to DIY

If you are stuck for ideas on what you get your Dad for Father's Day, here are some great DIY gifts that he will really appreciate.



Recycle or Buy Steel Lockers for Storage

Steel lockers have become quite trendy in the past couple of years and you can recycle or buy steel lockers for storage cabinets or display pieces.



Tork Craft Wire Strippers make Electrical Repairs Easy!

I have been looking for a decent wire stripper for quite some time, so I'm glad to see that Tork Craft have introduced 2 wire stripper options.



Things to Consider When Choosing A Bed for You and Your Partner

A good mattress for couples promotes healthy relationships, as well as physical health and well-being.



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Today Only: Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner on Special Offer

Lockdown your power tool collection with the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner and included Accessories.



Kick-Off Winter with Festool's Great Promotional Giveaways

At the beginning of June Festool will be offering a selection of specials and free promotional giveaways.



Fix Valuables, Essential Items and Treasures with Bondic®

With the Bondic® Liquid Plastic Welder you can bond, build and fix almost anything - in just seconds!



Howard Oils, Waxes and Polishes on Special Today Only!

Here's your chance to stock up on Howard Oils, Washes and Polishes and spoil your wooden furniture.



Awesome Specials on Rockler Woodworking Jigs

Jigs make cutting circles, ellipses, shapes, letters and numerals easy and you can now buy a selection of Rockler jigs on this amazing special offer.



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Get your DIY Fix - Builders is Open!

If you have been itching to get stuck into all those DIY projects sitting around - select Builders stores are now open!



Buy Tork Craft Face Masks and Face Shields

Personal safety is of paramount importance to every single individual, and wearing a face mask or face shield offers you a level of protection that is vital.



Gift Idea for Mother's Day - Aga Portmeirion Spode Blue Dishware

Aga is very excited to share the new Portmeirion Spode Blue Italian design featured on their ovenware - a great gift idea for Mother's Day this May.



Stay Safe at Home, at the Office, or out Shopping

Social distancing and sanitizing is not something that will end with the lockdown, South African homes and business should continue to follow social distancing procedures.



Kreg launches 310 and 320 - affordable Pocket-Hole Jigs

If you have been waiting to get your hands on a Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig but couldn't afford the cost, the new 310 and 320 models come at a very affordable price.



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Black taps open up a wide spectrum of design possibilities for bathrooms

They're sophisticated and chic, alluring and modern - black bathroom taps give you almost unlimited design possibilities.


Iconic Design Spitfire Chair in South Africa

I firmly believe that every home should have a least once piece of furniture as an accent piece, and now you can bring Iconic Danish Design to your home with the Spitfire Chair.



Sheet Metal Cutter and Jigsaw that fits onto your Drill

The Tork Craft Sheet Metal Cutter | Nibbler and Jigsaw fits onto your drill to give you a multi-purpose tool for your DIY projects.



Get the Best Prices on Garden Furniture and Garden Tools

When you are planning to give your garden a makeover or fill your patio with outdoor furniture, the best time to buy is at the end of the season.



Improve your Assembly Capability with Striplox

Striplox is a range of hardware and accessories that provides a unique way of joining and hanging and is available at a special price for today only!



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Things to consider before buying smart home appliances

Before you have a smart home, you need to make smart decisions and the information below will help you do that.



Modern Accessories to Update a Home

If you are looking for decor accessories to give your home a much-needed update, check out the 72-hour flash sale on at Cielo.



Work Safe with the Rockler Bench Dog

Safety is a number one priority when using a table saw or router and the Rockler 3-piece Bench Dog provides fully safety and security.



Choose Massage Chair For Your Home or Office

What is better than to get a nice, relaxing massage after a long working day.




Treats for your Sweet (Valentine)

Stuck for ideas on what to get for your Valentine? I love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and they have a sweet selection of Valentine treats.



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AGA Cookware for Mom

A special gift for a mom who lovingly prepares dishes and deserves the absolute best!



Olfa Tool Special for February 2020

For the month of February, buy any of the Olfa range of tools and spend over R1000 and receive a R50 voucher to spend on garden tools.



AGA Masterchef for the Master Chef in you!

The new AGA Masterchef Deluxe cooker is the epitome of understated elegance, perfect for anybody who aspires of owning an AGA but prefers the instant control of a conventional range cooker.


Do Close-Up Details with LED Magnifier

Tork Craft’s new magnifying LED rechargeable desk lamp for the home, workshops hobbyists and DIYers



On Special: Tork Craft Handy Cordless Sander

Everyone needs a handy sander, a cordless model that can go anywhere, and the Tork Craft TCMS001 is great for small jobs in and around the home.



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Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig #320 On Special

For Today only - purchase the Kreg #320 Pocket-Hole Jig at R699 and make it easier to build you wood projects.



7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine

Here are seven things to think about before you go shopping for a new washing machine.



Things to buy after Christmas

If Santa didn't bring everything on your wish list, don't miss out on bargains that are available after Christmas.



Dremel Rotary Tool - The Perfect Gift

Purchase a Dremel 8100 Cordless Rotary Tool and you stand a chance of attending a DIY-Divas Dremel Workshop (Joburg) for FREE.



7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Power Tools

Before you purchase that next power tool, ask yourself the following questions.



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Give the Gift of DIY

Take advantage of these Tools4Wood specials and give the gift of DIY to someone you love.



Tork Craft’s new, larger Thread Repair Kit

A thread repair kit is an important tool for the workshop for engineers, 2- and 4-wheel auto service operators, rebuilders and DIYers.



PRO TECH world leaders in Professional Router Bits

Pro Tech offer the most comprehensive range of specialist, affordable quality router bits.



Edgestar Wine Coolers - What’s all the fuss about?

We look at some of the leading models of Edge Star wine coolers so you have a good idea of their features and functioning.



Protect Your Possessions From Theft

Personal possessions that are engraved with your details are less likely to be stolen and more likely to be returned to you if recovered.



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Spread some festive cheer with Hope’s limited release gins

Hope Distillery has packaged 200ml of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh in one gorgeous gift pack, available for the festive season.



Great Gift for the DIY Enthusiast!

If you, or someone you know, is a DIY enthusiast, the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner is a great gift to give and will be much appreciated.



Today's Special on Rockler Bench Cookies

Rockler Bench Cookies are great for gripping and holding work to the bench top or worktop - and today you can buy the Rockler Bench Cookie Kit on special.



Win Trolley Dash to the value of R10 000!

How would you like to win a R10 000 Trolley Dash from Builders?




Velfont Waterproof Fitted Sheets

Have you spilt water or tea in bed by accident only to find the mattress soiled? Or perhaps, you have kids who are bed-wetters?



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The Perfect Gift for Family Overseas

If you have family that has relocated overseas, we found the perfect gift to send them and that is 100% South African.



Christmas time with your AGA! – Festive Feasts and Special Treats

Show the Chef how much you appreciate him or her with a gift from the AGA range of beautiful kitchen textiles.



Introducing the JAN collection from Hertex Haus

Hertex Haus has introduced a collaboration with Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen - a thought-provoking range of homewares.



Specials on Woodworking Wednesday

Every Wednesday, you get to select from a variety of specials at Tools4Wood, whether it's for DIY, Woodworking or Building projects.



The Ultimate Cup of Coffee

With a choice between pods and beans, which coffee machine gives you the ultimate cup of coffee?



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roomba models

Your 2019 Guide to Compare Roomba Models

It's important to take the time to compare Roomba models before you can finally decide which one you will buy.



Tools4Wood is Gearing up for Black Friday!

Ready or Not!... Black Friday is just around the corner and Tools4Wood is gearing up to bring you amazing tool specials.



vinyl tile stickers

Dress Up Tiles with Vinyl Decals

Vinyl tile decals or stickers are an inexpensive and easy way to transform plain tiles in the home... simply peel and stick!



Today Only! Dremel VersaFlame @ R709.00

One of my favourite tools, the Dremel VersaFlame, is on special for today only @ R709.




On Special: Bosch GKF 550 Palm Router

Today's Woodworking Wednesday special offer includes the Bosch GKF 550 Palm Router




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Where to Buy Affordable Succulents

If you would like to know where the buy the widest selection and most affordable succulents in Gauteng, check out my recent find.



Festool Range on Special Offer this Wednesday

For over 90 years, Festool have been synonymous with the highest quality power tools and systems.



Vencasa brings you Unique Gift Ideas

If you are looking for unique gifts for someone you love, Vencasa has excellent gifts ideas that focus on improving the quality of life.



Product Review: Gripseal Pavecote vs Prominent Paver Paint

After 4 years it's time to refresh the patio with a new coat of paving paint.



Drill Doctor on Special - Today Only!

The Drill Doctor is a self-powered bit sharpener that could be your most effective cost saving machine in the workplace.



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Today Only

We recently featured the MicroJig Pushblock, and now you can buy this with a free accessory kit - for today only!



Today's Special: Tork Craft Adjustable Corner Clamp

When you are working on your own and don't have an extra pair of hands to help you - the Tork Craft Adjustable Corner Clamp is a 'must-have' accessory!



New Striplox Joining Systems

Vermont Sales lands another leading innovative International brand - the unique Striplox joining systems.



Energizer Work Light for Tough Jobs in the Dark

The awesome Energizer Work light is the toughest light ever and comes with added features.



Lock It Tight: Tork Craft Anaerobic Lock

Tork Craft Anaerobic Lock range of adhesives can be used for bearings, nuts, studs, bolts screws and sleeves.



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Need a Hammer? Get Real Steel

The Real Steel range of hammers and axes were recently launched by Vermont Sales.



On Special Today Only: Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner

If you want to make projects with no visible screws, the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner is the tool you need.



Plants in stone

Now you can bring the beauty of nature in to your home with these gorgeous Plant In Stone masterpieces.



Good Buy: Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Impact Drill / Driver

If you are a beginner DIY enthusiast or looking to add tools to your collection, the Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Impact Drill / Driver is a great way to start.



Unleash your creative ‘spirit’ this Halloween with FrogzEggz

While 31 October is normally associated with ‘trick-and-treating’ and overly expensive costumes, FrogzEggz® from Pratley is going ‘old school’ this Halloween, allowing children and families to bring back true creative expression.


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Revitalize Cane and Wicker Furniture

Orange and Lemon Oil Polish to restore and maintain Cane and Wicker Furniture




MicroJig now available in South Africa via Vermont Sales

The innovative MicroJig is now available via Vermont Sales - the exclusive SA agents.




5 Great Gift Ideas For The Insatiable Traveler In Your Life

These five gift ideas are perfect for the traveler in your life.




Woodworking tools for home DIY

We will be going through some of the fundamental tools and their uses for anyone interested in having at least some basic knowledge of working with wood.



Olfa's New SK-15 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

OLFA blades are manufactured using top quality materials, forged with technology that has its roots in traditional sword-making.



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Selection of Kendo tools on special for today only!

Kendo offers a selection of hand tools for every job site application and you will find these on special at Tools4Wood - for today only!



The Great Outdoors, Amplified with Polk

The Polk outdoor garden loudspeakers give you maximum, all-around sound.




Save A Bundle on Dremel at Takealot

I'm always on the lookout for great bargains and special offers, and you will like these prices on Dremel tools and accessories at Takealot.



Cielo - My Favourite Store for Online Shopping

I know Cielo have been around for quite some time but I only recently popped online to see their range of furniture - and what a surprise!



Awaken your senses...

The Sense Collection helps you leave the day behind and prepare for a deep and rejuvenating sleep.



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Howard Finish Fill - A way to fill and repair wood projects

If you like making, restoring or refinishing wood projects, Howard Finish Fill Stick is an easy way to fill and repair scratches, cracks and dents.



Update your window treatments for Spring

With blinding specials this July, there's never been a better time to update your window treatments for Spring.



Instant portable lighting from Tork Craft

For back-up lights for load shedding, camping, caravanning, indoor home mobile lights or for all your outdoor uses.



Wednesday Special: Bosch Router Bundle

Sleep at a constant temperature: not too hot, not too cold with the Vencasa Technologically Advanced Mattress Protector.



Wednesday Special: Bosch Router Bundle

Here's your opportunity to add a Bosch Router to your tool collection - complete with Router Bit Sets



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Bosch Blue tool special

If you are looking to kick-off your tool collection, or add more tools - here's a great Bosch Blue special for today only!



Limited-Edition Racing Tool Cabinets, Trollies and Top boxes

Tork Craft introduce their limited edition cabinets designed and manufactured for racing enthusiasts, drivers, riders, teams, workshops and automotive industry professionals.



Measure and mark all-in-one

The Tork Craft tape measure can measure and mark all-in-one - up to 50,000 times!



Energizer innovative LED headlights

Energizer have launched an exciting and innovative range of LED headlights - packed with great features.



Tork Craft Mini Engraver Tool and Accessory Kit

The Tork Craft Mini Engraver Tool might be small, but it's a great way to start out with a variety of crafts and hobbies.



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Save on Kreg Tools

We love it when we can add to our tool collection with special offers and great buys!



Father's Day Gift Ideas from Gelmar

Still have no idea what to get dad for Father's Day? Check out these affordable gift ideas from Gelmar!



A week of savings!

If  you're not sure what to get your dad for Father's Day, check out the tool specials at Tools4Wood.



Organised storage for your workshop

The new Tork Craft 3 and 6 Level Storage Racks are ideal for organising all your workshop storage.



Howard Products - Today's Special

Protect all your wood accessories and wood furniture with today's special on Howard product range.



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Personalised Chopping, Cutting or Cheese Boards

Make your gift personal with a personalised chopping, cutting or cheese board delivered direct from NetFlorist.



Looking for a Father's Day gift?

The Tempur Lumbar Support Cushion and Seat Cushion are the perfect gifts for dad this Father’s Day!



Avoid the headache that comes with planning your Building or Renovation Project

The average person isnt aware of all the pitfalls that forms part of every building project. Here’s what you need to know...


Choose the Perfect Fireplace for your Home

As winter takes hold, you can be sure that it is going to be a cold year and a fireplace is the ideal way to warm up a home.



Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner bundle

Take advantage of today's special and buy the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner Bundle.



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Today Only! Aircraft Brad Nailer Starter Kit

For today only you can purchase the Aircaft AT0001 Brad Nailer complete with Nail Kit at R789.00.



Howard Pine-Ola Silver Polish

Howard Pine-Ola Silver Polish is the preferred choice of silversmiths for over 90 years.



Felo offer a huge selection of quality specialist bits and sets

Felo Germany’s tough durable Bits Sets and Innovative Tool bit holders.



Buy Dremel 4000 On Special!

Kick-off your Dremel DIY crafts and hobbies with the Dremel 4000 Kit @ R2398 - today only!



Bessey Utility Knife voted most unique

The Bessey folding utility knife is voted the most unique compact cutting unit in its category.



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Save Money on the Olfa Crafter's Bundle

Take advantage of the Olfa special this Woodworking Wednesday and get the Olfa Crafter's Bundle at R999 - today only!



Home is where the all-new Builders Boksburg is

In a constant drive to excite and inspire customers, Builders has developed a new store prototype which will debut at Builders Warehouse Boksburg this week.



New Melody Pillows – exclusive to Vencasa

True to their name, these pillows are like an artistic piece of music, that will harmonise beautifully with your sleep.



Rockler Woodworking Tools and Hardware on special

Tools4Wood are currently offering a special on all Rockler tools that cover a wide range of innovative woodworking products and accessories.



Keep a Workshop or Job Site Dust Free

When you need to keep a workshop or job site free of dust, Bosch has the right solutions for you and they are on special for today only!



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Pony Jorgensen - specialists in high quality adjustable clamps

Pony Jorgensen offer a full range of Pipe, Bar, C, Spring/hand, Band, Corner/frame and specialised clamps.



Heat up a Home with AGA

The winter chill has definitely begun... and the autumn leaves are truly beautiful. The AGA fireplaces are an ideal winter companion (and a firm favourite for pets).



Gelmar now offers deliveries

Now you can order all your needed supplies and accessories online at Gelmar - with delivery.



Today Only! Get the Kreg Jig K5 Master System

Treat yourself to the Kreg Jig K5 Master System on special - today only - at R2879.00 including delivery.



GAV Professional airline tools and accessories

Reliable and innovatively designed, GAV Air Technology can meet any type of requirement and application in the compressed air sector, from professional and semi-professional to hobby use.


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Today Only! Buy the Rockler Universal Small Port Hose Kit

When you want to join up small port power tools to your dust extractor you're going to need a small port hose kit from Rockler.



The new Vencasa Pillow Bars

We've all heard of a nail bar and a hair bar... now, thanks to Vencasa, there is a Pillow Bar.



Best Buy: Bosch GSB 120-LI Professional

I am always on the lookout for bargains, especially for power tools, and this Bosch GSB 120-LI Drill/Driver is definitely a Best Buy!



Tork Craft's extensive range of Clamps

Tork Craft offer an extensive range of clamping solutions, covering all popular clamp types as well as specialist clamps.



Bessey Clamps - Buy 3 and get 1 free!

This Woodworking Wednesday you can take advantage of a special offer on Bessey clamps - Buy 3 and get 1 free!



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Good Buy - Professional Paint Finish

The Bosch PFS 2000 spray system gives all your painted projects a professional finish.



Today Only: MicroJig Ripper

Buy the MicroJig Ripper System on special offer - for today only!



Le Creuset Metallic range

Since the launch of its Metallic range in 2018, Le Creuset keeps up with the trend by adding a new selection of mugs and mini-cocotte sets with a shimmering metallic finish.



Tork Craft TCFL 500 motion activated ceiling tri-light

The Tork Craft TCFL 500 motion activated ceiling tri-light is a simple installation that screws in like a light bulb



Good Buy - Mitre Box and Backsaw

Having recently bought a couple of mitre box and backsaw sets, I wanted to share this bargain buy with you.



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Dremel Multitool Kits on Special!

February is the month of love and what better way to express your love of DIY than with a Dremel Multitool!



Tork Craft Oscillating Tool Bundle

It's Woodworking Wednesday and your time to take advantage of some great special offers.



Bosch Blue Tools on Special at Builders

Add to your tool collection with these Bosch 'Blue' Power Tools on special at Builders.



Tork Craft Cordless Oscillating Tool

The Tork Craft TCOT001 powerful 12-volt cordless oscillating power tool is on a par with some of the best, when it comes to features and technology.



Kreg Router Tables on Special - Today Only!

This Woodworking Wednesday you can buy either the Benchtop Router Table or Kreg Precision Router Table System.



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Power Tools on Special this Wednesday

Take advantage on these special offers this Woodworking Wednesday at Tools 4 Wood and stock up your workshop with essential tools.



Buy Online at Builders Warehouse

For the past year I have been buying all my tools, materials and supplies online at Builders Warehouse and it has saved me a lot of time and effort.



Cordless Mini Palm Sander from Tork Craft

There are times when you need a cordless sander, and Tork Craft have introduced a powerful 12-Volt Mini Palm Sander that is perfect for those jobs.



Get Your DIY Groove On with these Gelmar Specials

February is the month of love and what better way to love DIY than with these affordable products on special offer at Gelmar!



Buy Brabantia Recycling Bins

Compact and space-saving, these Brabantia recycling bins are on an online special offer and are ideal for a small kitchen.



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Wood Lathe and Chisel Set on Special Offer

If you are interested in wood turning and looking to invest in tools, take a look at this Toni Wood Lathe and Chisel Set on special offer until this Friday.



Barn door Sliding Door Hardware at Gelmar

If you're battling to source sliding barn door hardware, now you can buy everything you need at Gelmar!



OWL Paperlamps, inspired by origami art

If you're looking for a gift that is unique and unusual, take a look at OWL paperlamps.



Trestle Desks and Tables

Local manufacturer, Trestle, has created a range of functional home office furniture that revolves around the trestle design.



Give The Perfect Gift

Giving gifts should be a joyous occasion that is guided by creativity and forward thinking, but sometimes you just have to keep in mind how much you have to spend.



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Textiles to turn heads

As the seasons change we not only give our wardrobes a facelift but our interiors can be adapted too.



Good Buy: 3-Tier Mirror Front Shoe Cabinet

If you're looking for storage for your shoes, this 3-tier mirror front shoe cabinet is a good buy at R1 699 on promotion at



Multi-Sharp Gift Ideas for Everyone

Multi-Sharp have a selection of practical sharpening tools for home and garden that are great gifts for everyone - at an affordable price!



Dremel MotoSaw on Promotion - Today only!

Take advantage of today's special offer at Tools4Wood and buy the Dremel MotoSaw scroll saw at R1,449 including delivery.



Olfa GSR2 Glass Cleaner

Compact and easy to use, the Olfa GSR-2 is ideal for cleaning mirrors and windows to remove paint, varnish or sealer.



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Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner on promotion

For one day only, you can buy the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner and Assorted Biscuits on promotion at R1,529 including delivery.



On Promotion

Bravo spray paint provides an instant makeover for your projects, and Builders have a special on the Bravo spray paint range.



Dollhouse Bedroom with free Dollhouse Bookcase!

This week only...What little girl wouldn't love her own Dollhouse Bed and Design-A-Bed have a special offer to order for delivery for Christmas.



Best value-for-money Drill / Driver

After researching prices for my DIY Divas Beginners / Intermediate workshop, I noticed one Bosch tool that came out on top as value-for-money.



Kreg Hardware Jigs on Promotion

Take advantage of the Woodworking Wednesday specials and get the Kreg Hardware Installation Jig bundle and save a bundle!



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Venetian Blinds on Promotion

Give any room and instant update with Champagne or Dark Grey Venetian Blinds currently on promotion at Builders Warehouse.



Buy tools for free with Tools4Views

Tools4Wood are introducing a South African first... Tools4View allows you to buy tools for free!



Bessey GK Gear Clamp on promotion

For today only, buy a set consisting of 2 Bessey GK15, 2 Bessey GK30 and 2 Bessey GK45 Gear Clamps at a special price.



Kreg Pocket Hole Systems at Gelmar

If you're looking to purchase a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, pop into your nearest Gelmar store and check out the demo.



Carrol Boyes Ethereal Range

Carrol Boyes proudly presents the Ethereal range of bath, body and home products.



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Miles range of professional Staplers from Vermont Sales

Full range of Miles Staplers for DIYers, trade and heavy-duty industry work - now available at leading outlets.



Get ready for FrogzEggz mania

Good news for all crafters - the latest inspiring product to sweep South Africa is a hand-mouldable plastic material from Pratley.



Tork Craft 101-bit set KT2573

The Tork Craft 101-bit set is a 'must have' for any tool man, DIYer, homeowner, workshop and service industry



Carrol Boyes has partnered with The Joinery

Carrol Boyes has recognised the importance of sustainable initiatives in mitigating damage to the environment and has partnered with The Joinery to create a range of unique tote bags and pouches.


Buy the Bosch GSR 120LI on special at R998

Valid until 21/10/2018, you can buy the Bosch GSR 120LI at Builders for the special price of R998.


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Makita RT0700C Trimmer + Martlet 15pc Router Bit Set

On special offer - for today only - you can buy the Makita Trimmer + Martlet 15 Pcs Router Bit Set.


Today Only! Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner

Valid for today only - get the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner For R1 279.00, including delivery.


Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Jig on Special

The Kreg R3 Jig Pocket Hole System is the DIY enthusiasts solution for assembling wood project, plus it comes with a free Face Clamp.


Set the table for Spring!

Create a memorable Spring table setting with these ideas from Carrol Boyes.


One tool that does almost anything!

The Bosch PMF 220 CE Multifunction Tool is one tool that offers a variety of functions for the DIY enthusiast.


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Update your home lighting with copper pendants

Take advantage of special offers on copper and chrome pendant lights at your nearest Builders Warehouse and update your home with a metallic touch.


On Special: Routing Bundle

If you're starting out using a router, there are a few accessories you might want to add to your collection.


Colourful herb planters

These colourful herb planters from Le Creuset are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen windowsill or open shelves.


Triton tools on special

Take advantage of the special on Triton tools and stock up your workshop with the latest tool innovations.


New range of porcelain tiles with Terrazzo look

WOMAG has introduced a new range of porcelain tiles featuring the sought-after Terrazzo look.


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Kreg clamping solutions

Take control of your clamping with Kreg's new range of Bench Clamps - and buy this bundle on special offer for today only!


Multi-Sharp Drill Bit Sharpener

Buy the Multi-Sharp Drill Bit Sharpener on today's special offer at R289.00 while stocks last.


Today's Special - Kreg Plug Cutter

If you have a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig - don't miss out on this special offer on the Kreg Plug Cutter.


On Special: Tool Storage Station

For one day only, get the Tork Craft Tool Storage Station at R1799 including delivery.


New Stores for Vencasa

Vencasa, The Sleep Experts, recently celebrated the official opening of two of their stores – in Kramerville, Johannesburg and Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria.


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Restore antique pieces without stripping

How do you eliminate blemishes in wood finishes and restore the original colour and lustre without removing any of the existing finish?


Dremel and Bosch on Special

If you're looking to add to your tool collection, the entire range of Bosch and Dremel tools are on special - this week only.


Dremel 4000 on special

For today only, buy the Dremel 4000 with accessory kit for only R 1 809.00 including delivery.


Energizer LED magnet light

Energizer introduce their most powerful LED Magnet light


Spoil yourself this Father's Day!

Tools4Wood are giving you the opportunity to buy the Bosch bundle consisting of GCM 12 GDL Professional Mitre Saw and GTA 200 Work Bench at a special price.


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Kreg Multi Mark multi-purpose marking tool

Kreg's new Multi-Mark offers a wide variety of handy uses, while making it easy to increase the accuracy for all your projects.


Turn your drill into a metal cutter

Malco TurboShear fits onto your drill to turn it into a cutter that easily makes cross cuts, lengthwise cuts and precise square or circular cuts in sheet metal.


Make for Father's Day

If you're not sure what to get Dad for Father's Day - take advantage of the special offers at Gelmar for all your Kreg tools supplies.


Triton Palm Sander Bundle

Take advantage of this special offer and get the Triton Palm Sander plus 6 sanding belts for R895.85.


Kreg Bench Clamps

Kreg Bench Clamp makes it possible to use the power and convenience of clamps on any work surface.


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Safe, Easy Cable Joining

Join any size 220V electrical cable using the Tork Craft Cable Joiner.


Triton Plunge Router on Special

It's Woodworking Wednesday at Tools4Wood, and for today only you can get the Triton MOF001D Plunge Router at R 2999.


Lightweight Aluminium Alloy Hacksaw

Tork Craft have launched a lightweight aluminium alloy hacksaw with ergonomic handle.


Special on Pony Clamps

For one day only, buy the Pony Jorgensen steel bar dual clamp set at R1,299.00.


Spring Tools for all industries

Hand operated punches and small chisels that deliver 3500 PSI without the use of a hammer


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Pony Clamping Kit Bundle

For today only you can buy the Pony Clamping Kit Bundle for R1519.00 including delivery at Tools4Wood.


On Special: Bosch PFS 3000 Spray System

For one day only you can buy the Bosch PFS 3000 Spray System for R1 559.00, including delivery.


Wedgit - the toughest leak-free garden system

Wedgit solves all your garden hose problems - with a new range of tough, leak-free garden systems available countrywide.


Carrol Boyes launches the Lily range

A range of accessories inspired by the stamens of the beautiful lily flower, the Lily range is designed by Lee Gordon for the Carrol Boyes collection.


Bessey Clamps on special

Take advantage of today's special offer on Bessey Tools and save big!


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Dremel tools on sale

For this week only, get massive discounts on Dremel tools online at Tools4Wood.


On special - Today only!

Today only, buy the Kreg Jig K5 Master System, including the Kreg Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter @ R3,339.00 for both, including VAT and free delivery - only at Tools4Wood for today only and while stocks last.

Bessey tools for door frame assembly

Bessey offer special tools for the modern technique of installing door frames using assembly foam.


Change the colour of leather furniture

We receive lots of enquiries from people wanting to change the colour of leather furniture... and now you can!


Work Bench, Hand and Floor Trolley and Scaffold - all in one

The Tork Craft 4-in-1 work bench also serves as a hand and floor trolley, and a scaffold, all in one.


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Like It - Buy It

For over 10 years we have been designing and making furniture for Home-Dzine and other online and hard-copy publications. Now we're making our projects to order - for you! Let us know what piece you like and we'll make it for you.


Dust extraction for the home workshop

Save almost R2 500 on the Festool Dust Extractor CTL 36 E AC when you buy online at Tools4Wood - while stocks last.



Welcome to DIY Shop – Your online store for DIY products

Whether you’re looking for paint and equipment, or garden tools, DIY shop has a wide select of hardware, building, tools and related equipment and materials.



Urgently need window blinds?

If you urgently need blinds for your home... Problem solved. Visit your nearest Builders Warehouse store this weekend to order your blinds with express delivery.



Triton T12TP Twinpack on special

Take advantage of the special offer on Triton Tools and get the Triton T12TP Drill / Driver and Impact Driver @ R2781.00



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Howard care for leather furniture

Howard Leather Cleaner and Howard Leather Conditioner will keep your leather furniture and leather car upholstery clean and supple.



Valentine’s the Vencasa way… where science meets sexy!

What better to celebrate love, romance, pleasure and the longevity of your relationship than by investing in a Valentine’s gift that will contribute to the improvement of your physical relationship and overall wellbeing for years to come?


DIY Storage Solutions

UCAN create more storage solutions for your home with Space Savers. These compact units offer neat and easy storage for any room in a home.



Kreg Jig R3 woodworking solution

With the Kreg Jig R3 you can build bookcases, shelves, and storage projects for your home. It's also great for creating custom built-ins, and countless other home improvement projects.



Enhance the beauty of wood

Howard Feed-N-Wax is an original blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, mineral oil and orange oil that is perfect for enhancing the natural beauty and depth of grain in all woods, finished or raw.


Mini Tools from Tork Craft

Tork Craft have comprehensive range of mini rotary power tools, as well as a selection of accessory kits, that are ideal for hobby and DIY enthusiasts.



Check what's in the packet!

I recently bought a hanging rail for a built-in closet. What a shock when opening the pack to see what was supplied!



DIY Festive Season with Garden Master

Finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones isn’t only a very time-consuming exercise, it's also a costly one. What if we were to tell you that there is a faster and more affordable way to survive this Festive Season?


On Special - Today Only!

On special for today only, the Wood Repair Knot Filler Kit from Tools4Wood.



Multi Sharp will keep your scissors sharp for this festive season

A fast accurate and professional Wetstone sharpening unit that does it all: scissors, chisels, all blades, knives, spade drill bits, wood carving tools and almost anything that needs a sharpening edge or a new point or tip.


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On Special: AirCraft Brad Nailer Starter Kit

If you're looking to make your DIY projects easier, today's Tools4Wood special is just for you. For today only you can buy the AirCraft Brad Nailer Starter Kit @ R889.



Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool on Special

Buy the Dremel 4000 on special at R1599, while stocks last and then attend a DIY Divas Dremel workshop to get the most out of your Dremel tool.



Bosch 91-pc Drill Bit and Screw Bit Set

With a normal selling price at just over R700 - the Bosch 91-pc set is on sale at R499.00 each at Makro, while stocks last.



Bessey Clamps for use on welding tables

Bessey has now transferred its experience of clamping tools - amassed over the course of many decades - into the development of its TW clamping elements for matrix welding tables with 28 and 16 mm holes.


Spotlight: Builders Strubens Valley

Strubens Valley Builders Warehouse offers incredible specials, services and promotions for customers.



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Olfa L5-AL/AFB Cutter

Olfa’s new L5-AL/LFB Cutter with low friction Fluorine Coated Blade that reduces the cut resistance drastically when cutting through cardboard.



On Special: Triton TCMBS Palm Sander

The Triton TCMBS Palm Sander is a compact, lightweight sander that fits in the palm of your hand. On special for today at Tools4Wood, you can add this tool to your collection @ R959.00, including a selection of sanding belts.


Time to Buy Tools

If you're putting together your Christmas shopping list, don't miss out on specials on power tools.



Kohler launches ModernLife™ Collection

Kohler has created a superior blend of comfort and convenience in their new ModernLife™ bathroom range.



Shop Soiled: Dremel Bronze Kits

Take advantage of this special offer on shop soiled Dremel Bronze Kits. The kits themselves are brand new - it's only the packaging (box) that is damaged.



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Modern Children's Furniture

Design-A-Bed have just launched a range of natural pine children's furniture that is uber-trendy and modern and perfect for a little girl or boy.



TODAY ONLY - Woodworking Wednesday Specials

Now you can make accurate dowel joints and drill precise holes with the Wolfcraft jig. The Wolfcraft Accumobil Drill Guide and Universal Dowel Kit are on special this Woodworking Wednesday at Tools4Wood.


Save on curtains for your home

For a limited time you can save a bundle on new curtains for your home at the Finishing Touches 'End of Range' sale.



Dremel on special

There's never been a better time to buy Dremel tools. With unbelievable specials on offer at Tools4Wood, you can buy your favourite Dremel tool and get crafting.



Where to buy pallets in South Africa

Pallets continue to be an inexpensive way to make a wide variety of furniture. The problem is that it is getting harder and harder to find pallets. We complied a list of places where you can buy pallets in South Africa.


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Paint a home inside and out with Bosch

The Bosch PFS range is painting reinvented! Whatever the paint, easily achieve the best results. Fast. Efficient. Easy.



Olfa 'green' cutters

The Japanese cutter giant, Olfa, who have been producing cutters since 1956, have just launched their eco-friendly, cutters made from recycled material.



On Special: Triton MOF001 Precision Plunge Router

The Triton Plunge Router meets all of your trimming and plunge routing needs. Today, this extremely robust tool is on special for Woodworking Wednesday at Tools4Wood.



Kreg Accu-Cut transforms a circular saw

Now you can make straight, accurate cuts with your circular saw and the new Kreg Accu-Cut Circular Saw Guide.



Plugfones available in South Africa

Plugfones believe that work should be enjoyed and they designed, created and manufactured an earplug-earbud product to help do exactly that.



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New range of designer rugs

This August, MONN showcased its new range of rugs at 100% Design South Africa expo. The collection comprises four beautiful bespoke designs.



The perfect glass scraper

When you need to remove paint, varnish or sealer from glass, the new Olfa Glass Scraper goes lower than any other scraper.



Custom crafted leather handles

Dress your home with the ultimate luxury... custom door and cabinet handles crafted from leather.



Sliding Barn Doors in South Africa

Judging by the number of enquiries we receive, sliding barn doors continue to be popular in South Africa. Now, there is a local company that manufactures stylish sliding barn door hardware.


Aluminium Fiber Tech Locks

Now you can kit out your doors with Fort Knox rust-resistant nylon locks finished with aluminium components - the perfect solution where excess moisture is a problem.



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Laser distance meters from Tork Craft

Tork Craft introduce two new Laser Distance Meters . Both have their own unique features.



Everything in one pack

Rawlplug has complete branded kits with all that you need for the job -  plugs, screws, and even the drill bit



Happy Women's Day

To celebrate Women's Day, Tools4Wood have a special on a Kickstart Power Tools with Accessories bundle.



Beautiful Beds for Girls

Design-A-Bed have added two new beds to their range of beds for girls and boys. These beautiful beds are designed for little girls and young ladies.



The new AGA Kettle

AGA kettles are designed for maximum performance - with a thick solid base that ensures a quick boiling time. The kettle features an insulated easy grip handle, and is available in several colours.


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Buy our Garden Love Seat

Order a Garden Love Seat and add comfortable seating to your deck, patio or garden. The Garden Love Seat easily seats two people and features a unique design that you can't buy anywhere else.


Save R500 on the Dremel MultiMax

It's Woodworking Wednesday (28-06-2017) at Tools4Wood, and you can save a whopping R500 on the Dremel MultiMax MM20 - today only!



Bessey KliKlamp Lightweight Clamps

Built tough for light-duty clamping, the Bessey KliKlamp range of clamps is manufactured to the highest standards.



On Special: Bosch PMD7 Auto Detector

Avoid costly or fatal mistakes when drilling into walls or through tiles by using an Auto or Digital Detector to check for conduits, pipes and cables.



Olfa MXP-AL and MXP-L model cutters

State of the art units and in a class of their own - the New Olfa MXP-AL and MXP-L model cutters are the first ever die-cast aluminium body units.



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Slim, sleek, and ultra-contemporary

KOHLER seamlessly fuses innovation and technology with their latest Mica Vessel range - slim, sleek, and ultra-contemporary.



Specials on children's furniture

If you're looking to buy bedroom furniture for a boy or girl, take advantage of the specials now on at Design-A-Bed.



Scandi Style

Timless and elegant, Scandinavian furniture is known for its fluid contours and clean lines. Buy Scandinavian design in South Africa.



Buy Hairpin Legs in South Africa

Furniture with hairpin legs is trending around the world. From coffee tables to bedside cabinets, hairpin legs add a unique style to your handmade furniture.



Multi-Sharp keeps tools sharp

Multi-Sharp, supplier of specialist tool sharpeners, has a sharpener for every tool in the home, workshop or garden.



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Galvanised pipe and fittings

For anyone interested in making their own galvanised pipe decor, I recently received details from a company that supplies galvanised flanges, fittings and pipes in Kempton Park.



Heirloom nursery furniture

Designing a nursery is a special joy, and one that you will keep in your heart forever. Imagine being able to dress your new nursery with solid wood, heirloom furniture that can be passed down through generations.


Sexy legs for all your DIY furniture

When making your own furniture, having the right legs or feet to finish off makes all the difference.


Handy 4-piece Tork Craft caulking tool set

Invest in a handy 4-piece Tork Craft Caulking Set consisting of 2-in-1 scraper and 3 different edging tools for the perfect effortless caulking edges.


Shabby Chic Onlays in South Africa

Now you can purchase Shabby Chic onlays and embellishments locally for easy delivery and at an affordable price.


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SPECIAL: Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner

Now's your chance to buy a Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner plus 375pc biscuit packs, glue bottle and applicators for only R1526 with free delivery.


Warm Up This Winter

Whether its converting an old open hearth or installing a freestanding fireplace, beat the shopping frenzy and install an efficient and easy to use, closed combustion fireplace into your home now.

RiZZ Coat Hanger - totally unique

Add a unique touch to your home interior with the RiZZ coat rack. The bespoke stainless steel coat rack combines with a wooden plank for a truly natural edge. The bark can be preserved or removed for a smoother finish.

Consol Easter Colouring in Jar

Just in time for Easter and the school holidays, Consol has launched a new addition to its popular Colouring In Jar range.


Luxurious Towels

Vencasa Egyptian Cotton 600GSM Towels are made from the finest quality 100% Egyptian Cotton. This extra-long cotton ensures a luxuriously soft and ultra absorbent towel and that can last a lifetime.

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Tork Craft LED flashlights and torches

Tork Craft offer a comprehensive range of high-performance LED flashlights, torches, headlamps, and work lights.

The new way to chill!

The aFREAKa Papsac is soooo comfortable to lie and sit on. Made from high quality waterproof nylon ripstop and inflatable without the use of a pump, you're going to want one (or more) of these for around the pool, for camping, or for holidays.

Spoil the chef

This Valentine's Day take advantage of the amazing special offers at Le Creuset and spoil the chef in you!


On Trend: Hanging Chair

Kick off your shoes and chill out in a hanging chair. Perfect for a shady corner in the garden or for hangin' out on the patio - hanging chairs are comfortable and available in a range of styles.


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Hello Pretty

Hello Pretty is where you buy high-quality design and is inspired by the incredible things being created in South Africa


Zara Home launches in SA

Zara recently opened it's new Zara Home store in the Mall of Africa. Offering a range of linens, furniture and decor accessories, we took a quick peek at their absolutely adorable kid's range.


Playful seating that's cute as a button!

Established by a couple passionate about creating, Murray and Wells offer a variety of exciting furniture, including the playful button stools.


Fresh, modern approach to classic interior design

The New Modernist, the latest interiors destination to add pronounced flair to the Cape Town, has opened its doors in the creative cluster known as the Urban Hub, a go-to locale for design nestled at the foot of the Bo-Kaap.

New Fiesta range of fabrics

Summer might be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you can't carry on the fun! The new Hertex range of fabrics will definitely add texture, pattern and colour to any home - summer or winter.

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Tambeau Fabrics - 100 percent organic

Tamsin Arlow for her recently launched brand, Tambeau. Printed on organic hemp, her bold collections are designed to add colour and pattern to every room in the home.



Sleeper couch perfect for guests

My air mattress has finally given up and has been patched up so many times I have decided to look at a sleeper couch instead. That way, not only can I bring a comfortable sofa into the spare room, but easily covert this to a bed when guests sleep over.


Mr Price Home launches Stockholm range

Just in time to refresh your home for spring, Mr Price Home has launched a range of Scandinavian inspired furniture.



Trendy Bendy tray

Trendy Bendy is handmade from indigenous timber to create an environmentally conscious and trendy product with many practical applications in a home.



Perfect office 'sweet'

Aptly named as 'Bonbons' this new seating from Ergoform has the same appeal as an array of assorted candies on a tray. And with such a wide variety of colours, the only problem is which one to choose?



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DIY power tools for every budget

Power tools for gifts is one way to build up your workshop collection and this year Builders Warehouse have some amazing specials that you won't want to miss.



Eclipse FLAT table bases

If you haven't already made yourself a garden table from the many project ideas right here on Home-Dzine, you might be interested in the new range of FLAT table bases from Eclipse.



NeverWet Outdoor Fabric spray

NeverWet Outdoor Fabric spray should be in stock at your local Builders soon. This weekend I got to try out the spray and I am definitely impressed with how it repels water.



The convenience of buying blinds online

Buying blinds used to be tough, but not anymore - now you can buy blinds online from Blinds Direct.



Festive decor... South African style!

This festive season it's palm trees - not pine trees - that take centre stage when Skinny laMinx designer, Heather Moore, introduces traditional Christmas décor with a South African twist.



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Dremel Project Kits

Dremel have introduced two kits just in time for the festive season: a Home Repair Kit and Home Décor Project Kit, both of which allow users to complete a variety of projects.



NeverWet Outdoor Fabric spray

Rust-Oleum NeverWet fabric spray will be available in store at your local Builders from about the middle of November. You can use the spray on leather, suede, most fabrics, as well as canvas.


Cheeky monkey and chloe cat bedding now in SA

Finally, moms can now order beautiful bed sets for a nursery with the introduction of products from one of the UK's top retailers right here in South Africa.



Give the new Addis Swifta a twirl

 Living in a double storey home, carrying the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs is a mission and I have been cleaning the upstairs tiles with a mop for lack of anything else.



Buying a lounge suite... what are you paying for?

When researching articles I often pop on to local Home Decor sites. In this way I have a fair understanding of what is offered and the huge difference in pricing between various stores. Is the difference in pricing justified?


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More than a bathroom vanity!

The UCAN is more than just a bathroom vanity, it's also a super functional cabinet that can be used in so many different ways. We're going to show you how YOU CAN turn a UCAN into storage for any room in a home - both indoors and outdoors!


Extreme protection from wet weather

Rust-Oleum have launched a revolutionary new surface protection - NeverWet. Available in a 2-step spray on product, the treatment causes water droplets to form on surfaces  including metal, wood, aluminium, concrete, canvas, most plastics and more.


Tangit PVCU Weld adhesive for PVC pipes

When you are using PVC pipes for installing a water feature, repairing a swimming pool, or for any craft or DIY project that uses PVC pipes, you need an adhesive that sticks fast and sticks strong. Tangit PVC-U Weld is the product you need.


Typo - the place to shop till you drop!

Over the festive season I discovered a new place to shop till I drop... Typo! This amazing treasure trove has so much to offer that you can literally spend hours shopping.



The new Bosch PKP 3,6LI Tacker - Staple Gun

The new Bosch PKP 3,6 LI Tacker is now available and makes upholstery projects a breeze. The previous model was slightly hard on the controls, but the new Li-Ion Bosch Tacker is smooth, easy and simple to use. Plus, it's even more lightweight and charges quickly.


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New Loctite Super Glue Power Flex Gel

Loctite Power Flex Gel has been specially developed with an advanced rubber-infused formula for flexible and shock-resistant bonding. Yet, it is still strong enough to hold heavy loads and gets to work in just seconds.


Workshop and tool specials at Builders Warehouse

Many of our DIY Divas are looking for affordable workshop essentials to add to their collection, and the festive specials at Builders Warehouse are always a good excuse to go shopping!



Gorgeous duvets / bedding for youngsters & teens

I often receive enquiries on some of the bedding featured in bedroom articles. The good news is that you can now buy directly from international stores and have duvets and bedding shipped to South Africa.


Ingenious curtain tieback system

The new Telescopic Curtain 'Enhanzer' does away with drilling into walls to tieback your curtains. The Enhanzer is simply fitted to your existing curtain track and is available in various lengths, so you can easily transform your curtains in minutes.


Addis introduces the Stella chair

Addis celebrates its centenary with an innovative product range that will have you sitting back, putting your feet up and resting on your laurels. The Stella chair is a cause for a celebration: it’s affordable, durable and stylish.


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iSpy... local design talent

iSpy specialises in fabric design and home decor accessories and they offer a gorgeous selection of the freshest colours to hit the home.



iCandy Party Printables

iCandy DIY Party Printables was created out of a love for beautiful design, parties and all things creative! iCandy offers affordable DIY party stationery to suit any event and it is so easy... just Print, Cut and Party !


Wood & Laminate chip repair kit

I have previously featured Mend-a-Chip, but a new addition to the product range got me quite excited. Their new Chip Repair Kit offers a quick, affordable and easy way to touch-up chips in the home.


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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint now in SA

Developed over 20 years ago, Annie Sloan chalk paint is used around the world by decorators looking for a versatile paint that can be used as a lime wash, as a paint for furniture, and for painting projects in and around the home.


Our Top 10 gifts for the DIY-er

The festive season will soon be upon us and I am constantly asked for advice on what tools to look out for, either to buy for yourself or to add to your Christmas List for Santa. Here is my recommended of the best tools to buy for those wanting to start out in DIY.


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Rugs add texture and colour

Look at any decor setting or beautiful interior and you will more often than not notice that rooms need rugs. Soft underfoot and beautiful to look at, rugs not only add interest to a room, they also add colour and texture.


Making a difference... one teddy at a time!

Taunina create exquisite handmade appliqued and embroidered collectable soft toys – treasured around the world for their beauty and unique artistry – to build a better future by inspiring and effecting social change.


Cake and cupcake decorations

What started as a humble business supplying wedding decor has transformed into a leading name in cake decor.



A little kitchen humour!

Known for their iconic design, Italian design house Alessi, has launched a range of glass storage containers that are anything but average. Instantly recognisable, these glass storage containers definitely add a little eccentric charm to any kitchen. 


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Custom wrought iron cake stands

Have your cake and eat it... but make sure it's elegantly displayed on a wrought iron cake stand.



Avoova ostrich eggshell home decor

Avoova has blossomed into one of South Africa’s most beautiful and innovative luxury products. Only available through the company’s exclusive retail partners and its own stores in the Cape and Joburg, a limited selection of products can now be purchased online.


Alternative ways to power up

There are a wide selection of DIY solar power kits now on the market, priced more affordably than a generator and that offer a solution for temporary power without worrying about noise levels.


Time for tea

We have previously discussed 'taking time out' on Home-Dzine, and what better way to catch up with friends, take a well-earned break, and enjoy a host of sumptuous goodies than by hosting an afternoon tea.


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Daisy Do Lots

Daisy Do Lots doesn't offer just a website but a dream come true - all the products available are sold to support local artists and to put these fantastic proudly South African people on a platform.


Design Team - South African textiles

Design Team is a textile design business focusing on the design, print and conversion of South African inspired textiles. Contemporary, topical designs forms the basis of their fabric collections, rather than the already well represented ethnic approach.


Heartfelt crafts

Heartfelt's mission is to continually create employment for unemployed women in the rural community of Makapanstad - through the creation of unique contemporary African designs.



Mustardseed & Moonshine

Mustardseed & Moonshine supply some of the world's top interior stores and their work is represented in collections around the globe, including the National Musee of Ceramique in Sevres.


New products from Tork Craft

We love it when new products hit the market, it gives us a chance to try them out and determine whether or not they make DIY easier. Tork Craft have an enormous range of power tools accessories - at an affordable price - and are always adding to their extensive range.


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The world's most beautiful object

This timeless design, created by Dominique Imbert in 1968, was the first suspended, 360° pivoting fireplace. It was revolutionary as much for its technical design as its ground-breaking style.


Greenmarket Square

I recently moved down to Cape Town from Joburg and have found a nice place to rent not far from Sea Point. One of the highlights of my week is going to shop at Greenmarket Square.



Festive specials from Dremel

This year, Dremel has come up with two promotional kits to suit everyone’s needs this festive season: a DIY kit and a hobby / craft kit.



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Hardware and accessories

Installing new kitchen cabinets, adding built-in cupboards, updating hardware - there's one place we shop for all the essential hardware, handles and fittings...



KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Guess what I would like under the Christmas tree this year? If Santa doesn't bring me one - I'm definitely saving up for this!



Westpack at Lifestyle

If you've never been to Westpack at Lifestyle, you're missing out on some great bargains. Packed from floor to ceiling with row upon row of plastic, glass, stainless steel - they have a wide selection of home and decor goodies.


What's the buzz

Every so often I come across online stores that offer unique handy craft accessories. Button Buzz is one of those - and it's South African!



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Quality foam products

We are constantly doing all different types of projects and regularly require foam products. We source all our foam, whether sheets, solid cubes or custom cut foam, from Foam Factory.



Everything under one roof

It's no secret that Home-Dzine and DIY-Divas prefer to shop at Builders Warehouse - it's the only store that has everything you need for home DIY under one roof.



Beachcomber Home Decor

Manufacturers of beach house furniture and accessories for every room in the home.



Got your supporter's gear yet?

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is almost upon us, and if you haven't yet got your supporter's jersey - you'd better hurry!



Warm up the bed

One of my fondest memories of a childhood in chilly England, is climbing into a warm bed with winter sheets. Adding winter sheets to the bed is one of the easiest ways to cut back on your monthly electricity bill during the winter months!


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Le Creuset range

The recent Australian Masterchef has inspired me to get a bit more creative in the kitchen. Having just discovered the Le Creuset range of cookware right here in South Africa, my kitchen is going to be looking very colourful.


Thrifty shopping tips

Shopping for bargains can be inspiring and fun; for some, it can be a bit overwhelming. Over the years, I have found many interesting accessories for my home. Here are some quick tips on how to find hidden treasures.


Cylinder mowers

Now there's a lawnmower that is ideal for townhouse gardens, small and medium gardens and for gardeners that want a perfect-looking lawn - and it uses no power, is compact in size, easy to use, and extremely affordable.


Choose A Perfect Microwave For Your Kitchen

Choosing the perfect microwave for your kitchen is not an easy task.



Countertop Ice Maker Reviews

Purchasing countertop ice maker is an ideal option for your outdoor activities that require cool water or a bunch of ice cubes



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Purchase An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

To purchase an energy efficient AC system there are a couple strategies that you can use.



Choosing A Blender: What To Consider

A blender can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen appliances and is a flexible and versatile tool which can pave the way to more creative and exciting meal choices.



Why a Mini Bar Fridge is Totally Worth Getting

We have put together some ideas for you to consider why a mini bar fridge is worth getting for your home.



What to Look For When Choosing A Pocket Knife?

To help you better navigate the challenge of choosing a pocket knife for your personal needs, below are some of the recommended tips to abide by.



Men's Summer Fashion Trends

Each season brings new clothes to wear and fashion trends may not be the same as they were last year.



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10 Best Gifts Ideas for Your Dad This Father's Day

There are a bunch of gift ideas that can give you enough inspiration, so you can buy your father the perfect gift. .



5 of the best Oriole feeders you can buy

Orioles are beautiful birds and using suitable feeders, you can easily encounter these bright orange, yellow and blackbirds during spring and summer.



Buying oilcloth

Advice to keep in mind when buying an oilcloth.



Everything You Need to Know About Buying Used Cars in Ghana

Most self-made millionaires agree: it’s almost never practical to purchase a new car.



Joybird Review 2019

Described as mid-century furniture, Joybird's products are customizable to the tastes and desires you hold.



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Make a Comfortable Choice When Buying Furniture For Your Home

Like buying a new home, choosing the right furniture is a big decision that needs to be carefully made.



Embrace Good Health With Smart Furniture

When shopping for office furniture, take the time to learn the benefits of an ergonomic product that provides additional support.



Helpful Things Every Mom Needs At Home

You might be a stay at home or a working mom, and in all cases you need things to make your life easier.



The Perfect Spot Where to Put Your New Massage Chair

A massage chair is designed to induce complete relaxation and comfort and it's certainly something to look forward to after a long and hectic day.



Preparing the Right Clothing for Your First Hiking Trip

A few tips on what kind of clothes to pack for your first hiking adventure.




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6 Things to Consider Before Buying Luxury Watches

While those who already own luxury watches know about the intricate details to keep in mind while choosing the watch, newbies need some help to understand what makes the watch more costly.


Worthy Guest Bedroom Mattresses To Sleep Comfortably At Night

Here are some of the best guest bedroom mattresses you can get today.




5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum

Discover 5 important factors that can help you decide on which vacuum to buy.




Everything you must know before purchasing the bed

 The guidelines that are important to be considered when purchasing a bed.



A Buyers Guide To Purchasing Outdoor Public Furniture

Here are practical tips to help you purchase outdoor furniture that perfectly complements the character of your home or commercial space.



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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cordless Leaf Blower

Check out these factors you need to consider before spending your hard earned money on a cordless leaf blower.



5 Features to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

If it's time to replace your old mattress, you should learn more about these 5 essential features before buying.



White Marble Quartz: Does It Compare To Marble?

Quartz countertops are gaining popularity in kitchens worldwide and many homeowners are asking the question: “Which is better -  marble quartz or real marble?”



7 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Welding Helmet

Today, there are sophisticated welding helmets that automatically darken every time you are welding.



Elegant Types and Styles of a Cushion

In this article you will find a cheat sheet on the most elegant cushion types and styles that you should check out now.



Portable Miter Saw Stand - A short buying guide for you

We offer a miter saw stand review to make your buying choices easier.



Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings

 Moissanite looks like diamond so much that it requires a special tester to differentiate between the two, making moissanite a very desirable diamond alternative.



Review - Automatic Coffee Machine Jura E8

The Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine is a top-rated automatic coffee machine that is better than the previous coffee machines in every way.



Tips to Choose the Right Makeup Mirror

It is essential to buy a makeup mirror that shows our true reflection (in the most literal sense).



Ultimate Guide for Travel Backpacks 2020

In this article you will find proven online resources to find the travel backpack you need at affordable prices.



Is Berkey The Best Water Filtration System?

Berkey offers a range of quality water filters that can be used in the home, in the office, or outdoors.



7 Small Kitchen Appliances That Are Worth Buying

Food preparation for your family can be made more effortless with the aid of kitchen gadgets and appliances.



Essentials To Invest In If You Love Table Tennis

One of the many things that any table tennis lover should learn if aspiring to become a great player, is the quality of table tennis equipment that is used by professionals.



How To Style Your Jewellery

In this article, we will provide you with tips on how best you can style your jewellery to create the perfect look.



Highest Quality Oscillating Tool Blades

In this article, we will look at some of the highest quality oscillating tools you can buy.



Why you should order LED grow lights online

As you think about buying LED lights, you can order these online.



Things To Consider When Buying Knitting Machines

To choose the right knitting matching for your needs, make sure to first and foremost define your goals.



5 Things to Know Before Buying a Central Air Conditioner

Below is a list of the essential factors to keep in mind when buying central air conditioners.



Innerspring vs Memory foam vs Latex mattresses - Which is best?

When it's time to upgrade your mattress, you're doing yourself a favor by comparing the different types available so that you can make an informed investment.



Important Factors to Consider When Developing a Baby Product Line

Here are some important considerations to pay attention to for the launch a successful baby product.



Main Things to Consider Before Purchasing Any Bed Sheet

We look at the main things to consider when in need to purchase any bed sheet for your bed



It is important that your house number be visible

How to shop for the perfect acrylic house signs that best match your personality and the style of your home.



Cheap Printer Ink Alternatives

We took some time to check out some helpful money-saving hints and have shared them below so that you can benefit from them too.



Top 3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gas-Powered Lawn Edger

When choosing the best gas-powered edger, there are certain questions you may be wondering before making the purchase.



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