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In The Home, On Or Off The Road - You Can Take it Anywhere!

The WORX High-Pressure washer is so portable that you can use it anywhere.





Leading international brand WORX is one of the very first companies to switch up to the more powerful 20 Volt Li-Ion battery pack for their range of cordless machines and tools. Not only that, you have the choice of 3 different power packs - 2.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah and 6.0 Ah, along with the option to select a single or double-quick charger.

The high-pressure washer features a new Li-Ion LED battery gauge monitor that keeps you informed how much charge you have left as well as an advanced brushless motor that offers extremely efficient operation, improved runtime and extends the life of the tool.

All tools and machines that form part of the WORX cordless 20-volt Power Share platform share the same battery pack and chargers, which means you only need a single battery (or one for backup) to operate all your WORX tools and machines.



The WORX HydroShot is great for cyclists who need to clean their bikes on the road or on/off the trail.


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WORX 20 V HydroShot WRX-WG620-E and WRX WG630E Power Washers

Fast becoming the world’s most powerful portable high-pressure washers, the portable cordless 20 V Li-Ion powered washers supplies a maximum pressure of 25 Bar, and a water flow rate of 120 L/h. Both units are ultra-light weighing in at well under 2 Kgs - light enough for anywhere to use - anywhere.

With 320 PSI, WORX high-pressure washers have 5 times more pressure than that of a conventional garden hosepipe with a spray nozzle. Included with the washer, the versatile 5-in-1 pressure nozzle lets you easily switch between spray intensities (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and watering settings).



On-road or off-road, the WORX HydroShot is fitted with a unique bottle adapter that lets you fill the bottle with fresh water no matter where you are. Fill a bucket with clean water, toss the hose into your pool, or use a nearby freshwater supply to use the cleaning power of the WORX HydroShot anywhere. This method is far more portable than conventional pressure washers, which are heavy and cumbersome and need access to electrical power.




The WORX HydroShot is supplied complete with a 20-V Li-Ion battery and quick charger with the optional high capacity 4.0Ah batteries available if you need double the runtime. If you need more power, select the WORX WRX WG630E high-pressure washer.

WORX is a Vermont Sales brand and is available at all leading outlets countrywide. For more information pop onto  or






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