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Free Battery and Charger When you Buy WORX Garden Tools

Build up your WORX garden tool collection and receive a free battery and battery charger valued at over R1 300.





WORX is a leading international brand that supplies a range of power tools for use in the home, business, or gardens. This is a company that takes standard power tools and raises the bar to make them even more efficient and offer more than the usual. You can say that it is power tools reimagined. Since their launch in South Africa, we have come to expect the unusual from WORX. You only have to take a look at the range of tools that they offer to see that they are anything but usual. Powerful, lightweight, ergonomic and packed with useful features, take a look at the WORX range of tools, add to your collection and get a 2.0AH battery and battery charger worth over R1 300 when you purchase the Hydroshot, Cordless Blower, Cordless Garden Sprayer, or Cordless Pruning Saw .



Take advantage of this special offer from WORX and receive a free battery and battery charger when you purchase select WORX gardening tools. Visit for more information.





WORX focuses on products that work for the betterment of our planet with features such as cordless, battery-powered tools that are just as good as if not better than corded power tools.





WORX Power Tools

WORX tools do it all. The Power Share battery technology lets you use one battery for all your WORX tools. And if you take advantage of this special offer, you get a free battery and battery charger valued at over R1 300 to add to your collection and power even more! Visit and select the WORX brand to see the full range of garden tools.





With WORX you should expect more from battery operated tools. Innovative engineering and advanced cutting edge technology combined with maximum power and ergonomic design bring together everything you will want or need in a power tool whether it is for your small business, home DIY or garden requirements.







WORX Yard and Garden Tools

Apartment living, townhouse complexes and cluster developments require tools that can meet the challenges of noise pollution that is associated with petrol-driven tools and the inconvenience of electrically operated tools. WORX has a range of battery operated tools that meet with the demands while maintaining a beautiful garden without noise or hassle.




Pruning and trimming large shrubs and trees doesn't have to be a mission if you use the correct tools and equipment. Keeping any garden under control requires regular maintenance and it is important to use the right tools for each task. The WORX range of yard and garden tools are designed to meet all your needs and environmental concerns with battery-operated and cordless convenience without any loss of power.







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