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WORX Introduces the latest unique garden cutting and sawing tools

WORX offers the ultimate range of garden cutting and sawing tools including Jaw Saws, pole saws, one-handed Chain Saws, chainsaws, and grass shears.





All units include the latest features, more power, Li Ion battery-powered, brushless motors. A global brand, WORX is one of the innovators to power their tools with 20-volt, Li-ion batteries and yet still give you the option to choose from 3 different battery power packs (2.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah and 6.0 Ah), as well as single- and double-quick chargers. Plus, the feature of the new Li Ion LED battery gauge monitor which keeps you informed on how much charge you have left. The Brushless motor is extremely efficient and extends the life of the tool and offers improved runtime. All the units form part of the WORX cordless 20-volt Power Share platform, all sharing the same battery pack and chargers.


WORX WRX WG381E & WG 324E Chain Saws

The WORX WRX WG381E and WG324E are both cordless 20V chain saws that incorporate PowerShare™  and deliver fast, clean cuts as well as an automatic, tool-free chain tension system. Automatic chain lubrication with oil level indicator. A compact and lightweight design. It includes 2 X 20V, 2.0AH batteries and charger plus battery indicator for quick battery life review.



WORX WRX WG801E.5 Grass Shear

A cordless 20 v Grass shear with a 10 cm blade with a 2.0AH Lithium Battery and brushless motor for quick and easy trimming. Dual-action blades for clean professional trimming. An overmould soft-grip handle for comfort and control. It includes 10 cm Grass Shear blade and a 20 cm Shrubbery blade. Optional pole extensions are available, plus Sheath guard protection for additional safety during storage.



WORX WRX WG329E.9 Jaw Saw

Auto Tension Powered by a 20V, 2.0Ah lithium battery. Bar length 15 cm max cutting capacity 10cm, charging time 1 hour. This saw does a little bit of everything, prune limbs, clear debris, or cut firewood. The unique design allows you to make cuts directly on the ground without kickback or damaging the chain. It is safe and easy to use it is the perfect go-to tool for gardeners, handymen, and anyone who performs limb and brush clearing.

A guard covered chain gives enhanced safety and the JawSaw is outfitted with a set of solid steel teeth that hold the wood securely while you cut, providing extra stability while the chain does the work.



This ensures that even a first-time user will feel comfortable and confident while trimming, pruning and chopping tough branches. The enclosed jaw guard around the chain keeps your hands and fingers safe when tackling tough cuts while the jaw guard doubles as a cut guide to ensure that you never accidentally sever healthy branches by accident.


WORX WG324E One-Handed Cordless Pruning Saw

The WORX WG324E is a cordless 20 V 2.0Ah battery-operated pruning saw that is controlled and vibration-free, it cuts to a depth of 120mm, for one-handed operations, it is lightweight, and easily transportable and can be used both indoor and outdoor. The saw chain can be simply changed within a few seconds at a touch of a button. Designed with both hand-guard and upper safety guard, you will always be protected when using the WORX WG324E It can be used for day-to-day tasks, but also more specific projects. Now you have the ability to cut branches to create your own custom garden seating or furniture.



WORX WRX WG349E.9 Pole Saw

Designed with an extendable shaft that reaches up to 4.0 meters, the WORX 20v pole saw saves you the hassle of having to use a stepladder. The WORX WRX WG439E.9 Pole Saw has an adjustable cutting head and a rotating rear handle that provides easy and convenient trimming and pruning of hard-to-reach branches without losing control. The pole saw offers high torque performance with 5.5m/s chain speed and a 20cm Oregon bar and chain for effective pruning and cutting. With an adjustable angle of 30° on the cutting head and rotating rear handle you have comfortable pruning in any position while the soft grip rear handle offers ergonomic cutting



WORX is a brand at Vermont Sales and available at all leading outlets. For more information visit






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