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Festool Festive Gift Ideas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and if you are struggling for gift ideas for the DIY enthusiast or perfectionist in your family, take a look at these Festool Festive Gift Ideas.






I could say that these Festool Festive Gift Ideas is for the man who has everything, but nowadays that is not the case, as just as many women are doing DIY as men. So, this Festool Festive Gift Ideas is for anyone who is interested in DIY - professional or enthusiast - and requires only the best tools for the job.



The perfect gifts for the professional or DIY enthusiast that demands perfection.







Festool is world-renowned for high-performance power tools that are tough, reliable and precise. With numerous innovations under their belt, Festool is in a league of their own when compared to other leading brand power tools available in South Africa, which is why professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike will only use Festool power tools. And while some may think that Festool is over-priced, others believe that they are getting value for money in the long run with the robust design, ergonomic features, built-in safety and technological innovation.





1. Festool TSC55 Cordless Plunge Saw

When you need to rely on your power tools to keep you safe, the Festool TSC55 incorporates a unique kickback stop that immediately stops the saw blade and prevents bodily harm that is so easily caused by kickbacks. With the Festool TSC55 Plunge Saw, you can make precise cuts at twice the speed with maximum cutting quality and performance. Add to that the brushless EC-TEC motor and lithium-ion batteries and you have a power saw that gives you everything you need and unbeatable durability.




2. Festool OF1010 REBQ Router

Most routers on the market at this moment are cumbersome to work with. When you are doing any routing project, you want a router that is easy to handle and only needs to be guided to complete the task. The Festool Router is compact in size and lightweight enough to be accurately guided along edges, curves or lines. Added safety features include a quick-action brake and restart protection switch.









3. Festool ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus Edge Sander

When a project requires professional finishing all-around, creating the ultimate edge is easily achieved with the Festool Edge Sander. Providing full surface contact for absolutely perfect sanding without tipping. Forget about sanding blocks and inferior sanders and opt for an edge sander that gives you faultless performance on straight or curved edges, smooth or rough, painted or unpainted.




4. Festool AGC 18-125 FH EB-Basic Cutting System

Designed to offer precise cutting and unrestricted viewing that allows cutting close to edges, the Festool Cutting System offers over 95% dust reduction when used in conjunction with a Festool Dust Extraction System that includes the automatic start of the tool. This cutting system is designed to cut mineral materials such as concrete and natural stone products.


There are even more Festool innovations to be found at, so be sure to check out the full range of Festool tool innovations.





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