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CAT DX51B Cordless Jigsaw with 18V Battery Power

The CAT DX51B Jigsaw is powered by an 18V Li-ion battery and features a brushless motor with Soft Start and Overload protection.





CAT DX51B Cordless Jigsaw with Li-Ion Graphene 18V Battery Power


The new CAT DX51B 18V Cordless Jigsaw is introduced to the local market by Vermont Sales and joins the varied range of cordless power tools on offer. We have all come to know that CAT is synonymous with construction machinery and heavy equipment so it comes as no surprise that their new range of power tools feature the latest technology with innovative  brushless motors and Li-ion GRAPHENE batteries.



What are Graphene Batteries?

A fast-emerging technology, Graphene batteries have increased electrode density and faster cycling times with the added benefit of being able to hold a charge for longer resulting in an improved battery lifespan. These batteries have exciting potential and undergoing intensive research and development.


nano graphene


The Graphene polymer Li-Ion battery on the CAT DX51B jigsaw has an onboard battery capacity indicator and charging to full  capacity only takes 18min. The battery is guaranteed for 5 times longer cycle life and perfect for tough work in all conditions.

CAT Li-Ion Graphene batteries and battery chargers are compatible across the entire line of 18V power tools giving you a single interchangeable system for every CAT power tool. Furthermore, CAT chargers are super-chargers that fully recharge CAT®18V 5.0Ah Graphene Li-Ion batteries in just 18 minutes.







The CAT Battery Charger optimizes charging by balancing the charge between each cell to maximize battery performance and run times. That means your CAT tools are ready to go.



What is a Brushless Motor?

When it comes to the difference between brushed and brushless power tools, there is no doubt that brushless motors are the future. We recently compiled an article on the difference between these two types of motors and you will find the details here.

CAT power tools with their brushless motors have far fewer wearable moving parts resulting in increased motor life and a quiet motor that never needs maintenance. These motors are designed for professional applications to power heavy loads and maintain a charge during long, continuous work times while still providing precise electrical control technology and extended run-time.

With a brushless motor that has fewer moving parts also the reduced friction enables better use of available energy from the battery pack as there is no resistance from brushes and that means carbon brush resistance is eliminated that results in less battery energy being wasted.



Additional Features of CAT DX51B Jigsaw


  • The jigsaw offers tool-free base bevel adjustment and SDS adjustment for angle cutting.


  •  The rubber over-grip prevents the lock-off switch from accidental starting eleminating accidents.


  • 4-Stage Pendulum settings for improved cutting efficiency and variable speed set up.


  • Lightweight - the jigsaw weighs in at a 1.5kg


  • Maximum cutting capacity: wood is 120 mm, steel 10mm PVC pipe 20mm.


  • Comes with a parallel guide, dust adapter and base cover.


CAT is a Vermont Sales brand and available at Makro stores countrywide. For more information on the full range of CAT power tools with brushless motors or an exclusive online service, visit





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