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To Boldly Go Where no Sander has been Before!

With the Festool Planex, you are now able to sand walls and ceilings for a smooth finish - zero hassle!





Festool's PLANEX sander revolutionises how we tackle sanding projects on high areas such as walls and ceilings.







Sanding high walls and ceilings has always been a mission. Moving a stepladder or ladder around a room while trying to sand as far as possible is no fun, but that changes with the Festool PLANEX, a long-reaching sander with integral LED lighting to illuminate the sanding area. This is Festool's LHS 2 225 EG-Plus Sander.



The Festool PLANEX guarantees zero maintenance with a robust and longer-lasting brushless EC motor.



Until now, there has never been a comfortable or easy way to sand walls and ceilings. Think about sanding plastered walls smooth, sanding to remove blemishes or before painting, finishing drywall installation, or how about sanding wood fittings and fixtures. And let's not forget about knotty pine, tongue and groove or panelled walls and ceilings that need to be painted. The Festool PLANEX reaches these awkward places so that you can have an outstandingly smooth finish, whatever the reason for sanding.



Sanding drywall installations or repairs is no longer a time-consuming task if you use the Festool PLANEX sander with a long-reach arm.





With its integral LED light source and random orbit head rotation, the Festool PLANEX sander is the must-have solution for drywall installation and finishing.





Ease of use

Festool's PLANEX has an ergonomically-designed T-Handle grip that allows you a longer reach with less strain due to its lightweight design. Added to that, you can adjust the working length for even higher reach, giving you the ability to reach previously hard to reach areas without the use of a stepladder or ladder.







Meeting exacting standards

Quality is always a priority and being able to meet your own or clients' requirements is just one of the reasons the Festool design team looked at how innovation would solve the problems being experienced in the trade. The Festool PLANEX ensures perfectly smooth sanding results every time (Eccentric motion speed 5 000 to 8 500 min⁻¹) and the LED light makes it far easier to identify problem areas while you work.





Another plus for the Festool PLANEX long-reaching sander is that it can be attached to one of Festool's innovative CTM dust extractors that eliminates excess dust for a healthy working environment.





Ergonomic design

Featuring a unique height adjustment function, the length of the sanding arm can be extended to reach even further - up to 2.1 metres - while the lightweight T-handle reduces arm and back strain.  Variable suction strength, adjustable reach and ergonomic T-handle allow for long periods of operation and relieve strain on the arms and back.




Minimal effort is required during the sanding process as the adjustable suction power affords you flexible movement since the sander holds its weight against ceilings and walls.



Tackling difficult and awkward jobs

The Festool PLANEX makes sanding ceilings easier and faster and finishing faster and smoother, and that's why the Festool PLANEX is revolutionising drywall installation. Smoother finishing is achieved with the integral LED light ring that highlights blemishes and unevenness while the eccentric sanding motion ensures a silk-like finish.



A comprehensive selection of accessories including interchangeable sanding and interface pads, guide extensions and hose clips are just a few.



When not in use, the PLANEX fits neatly and safely within the Systainer transport system making transporting to onsite jobs a breeze.




Power consumption 400 W

Eccentric motion speed 5 000 - 8 500 min⁻¹

Sanding stroke 4,00 mm

Interchangeable sanding pad dia. 220,00 mm

Abrasive dia. 225,00 mm

Length 1,2/1,65 m

Dust extraction connection dia. 36/27 mm

Weight (length: 1.20 m) 4,00 kg

Weight (length: 1.65 m) 4,70 kg



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