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Kit Out Your DIY Workshop With A Sturdy Bench

Builders currently have a selection of workshop benches on sales that are great for starting up your DIY workshop.





Every DIY workshop, small or large, mobile or permanent, needs a workshop bench, whether it's a small fold-up bench that can be easily stored away when not in use, or a larger bench that also serves as a worktop space for your DIY projects. Builders currently have a special on where you can purchase a selection of workshop benches that come in very handy when you want to get stuck into DIY projects for the home.


Depending on how much you have to spend, the following benches are just the thing for setting up a DIY workshop:



Priced at R1 045.00, this #716519 Econo Utility Bench is a practical addition to a DIY workshop. Add some castor wheels to the base and you can roll the bench to a temporary outdoor location or place it in a permanent location in a shed or garage.

Use the benchtop for holding a vice or tools you use on a regular basis and store boxed tools underneath. The pine workbench measures 770 x 1200 x 500mm.




If you need more storage shelves for your tool, the #291337 pine bench gives you 2 storage shelves for all your gear. The unfinished pine bench can be stained, sealed or varnished in your choice of wood tint, or left as is and finished with a sealer or varnish. At a price of R2 626, it's not a bad price for a bench that can be devoted to all your workshop projects if you don't have the time or inclination to make your own.




For anyone who only has a small space to set up a workshop, or perhaps needs a portable workbench for cutting or sanding, a portable fold-up workbench is an ideal solution. These benches can be adjusted as to the width of the working surface and can easily be folded up and put away when not in use. The #513446 Ryobi workbench is priced at around R550, which is not too bad if you only do occasional DIY projects or tasks.







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