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Handmade Gifts Made In South Africa

Christmas is the season for giving and what better way to give than to buy a gift that is handmade in South Africa.



What could be nicer to give than a gift made with love!


Christmas is traditionally known as the season for giving, and what better way to give back than to buy a gift that is handmade in South Africa. Times have been tough and more than a few people have had to look at new ways to bring in an income. Plus, the increase in confidence for online shopping has made it easier for local crafters to sell their products both locally and to international markets. We did some online shopping to see some of the great handmade gifts you can buy online, gifts that are made in South Africa.


If you are reading this and you are not South African, you can do the same in your own country. Support your local crafting community by buying locally made goods for gifts this year.










Potted Gifts offers a wonderful selection of potted succulents as gifts you can give to someone you love. This family-run business has a love of gardening and succulents and has combined these to bring out a range of potted gifts you can give - no matter the occasion. Very affordable, the potted gifts range in price from as little as R35 each.

The next time you have a baby shower, kitchen tea or bridal shower, or even a corporate event, think about giving a gift that lasts a long time.







Give someone you love a succulent garden in a pot (white or red) that is perfect for a sunny spot indoors, outdoors on a patio or dining table, or even for the office.






This one I love and have made quite a few in the past, especially since the last thing my man is organised. He forgets where he left his keys, where he placed his cellphone and where the heck are his sunglasses - this gift is just what every man needs!

The organiser can be ordered in pine or kiaat - so you can choose the one you can afford - with a satin finish. The stand features grooves and slots for cellphone and charger and you can easily plug in a phone for charging on an office desk, at home in the study, next to the bed or almost anywhere else.


Keep your man organised with a cellphone charging station and organisation stand all-in-one.






Shopping for a gift for someone who has everything can be tricky, but the Hoorah African Gift Box is an amazing collection of locally made items created by young South African entrepreneurs. This is a fun way of tapping into our own untouched potential and making a difference for the youth of today.

In the box, you will find handmade jewellery, handcrafted items and local cosmetics and fashion accessories. There can be anything from earrings, handmade soaps, African-inspired tableware and a few Shwe Shwe surprises. This is definitely a gift to give to someone you are struggling to find a gift for or a gift you can send to family overseas.


There's guaranteed to be something for all tastes in the Hoorah Gift Box!






South Africa has so many wonderful local crafters and you will find beautiful handcrafted jewellery that is the ideal gift for someone, whether it's your mom, your sister, partner or secret love. Sterling silver rings with hand stamped messages for birth days, celebrations, special occasions or just because you love someone.



Locally crafted ethnic jewellery is a lifetime gift that you can give to someone and the Symbols on Silk range are a collection of South Africa's favourite wildlife in sterling silver charms on a grey silk thread chains. Priced at R290, this is an affordable gift that you can give to a daughter, sister, nephew or niece.





Only the best South African leather is used to make the Thandana range of purses, bags and totes. Each and every piece is unique and the laminated fabric range comes in a selection of interesting and colourful prints. At a price of R260, who wouldn't love to own a one-of-a-kind Thandana creation.

Thandana is one of South Africa's leading local luggage brands that now has a growing footprint in overseas markets. Using genuine South African leather and featuring waterproof technology in the design, Thandana pieces are manufactured to last for years.











Always a favourite for fabrics, Skinny La Minx has the secret ingredient of love to bring together pattern and design and there's always something to please everyone in their colourful and patterned range.


From everything kitchen and dining, you can choose coordinated tablecloths and napkins, fashion accessories and kitchenware and more. Treat the cook in your home - or yourself - to a colourful and exciting selection of fabrics and items






Imagine being able to buy gifts that are sustainable AND South African. That's what The Joinery is all about. They offer a range of sustainable products for the office, home and travel that are manufactured using recycled plastics. With an ethos that is all about sustainability and ethical design, you are not only doing your planet a favour but your carbon footprint as well.



The Joinery works with a co-operative of local entrepreneurs from surrounding communities who bring their heart and soul into what they do. Their mission is to work only with recycled and sustainable materials and to empower local crafters.


Recycled from plastic bottle waste, the planter basket also doubles up as a storage container.





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