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Why you Need a Tough Staple or Nail Gun from Miles

A staple or nail gun is a handy tool to have as part of your collection and there is so much you can do with this tool, so it's a good idea to purchase one that meets your demands.




There is plenty of different stapler and nail gun models on the market but only a few are decent heavy-duty and live up to their name. I have used plenty of staplers that fall short when it comes to actual projects. Until recently, I was using the Bosch Tacker for most of my upholstery projects but being unable to source replacement staples and finding that you can't find this model easily (if it is not discontinued) has meant that I must look at alternatives.







I have used the Stanley Sharpshooter, but it is hard to work with this due to the amount of pressure that needs to be applied and your fingers ache very quickly. The next one I tried was the Miles Heavy-Duty Stapler. It doesn't require as much pressure to shoot the staple deeply into whatever material you are using including pine moulding or trim on wooden cabinets and cupboards, leather upholstery and, something I do often, making picture frames.



Need to fasten wood trim or moulding onto timber or board backing? Only a heavy-duty stapler or nail gun will be able to tackle this type of project.





Anyone who enjoys making their own picture frames needs a heavy-duty stapler that will join trim or moulding onto timber or board. If you are using hardwood or a board product such as supawood, only a heavy-duty stapler will do the job.




When tackling upholstery projects, don't forget to take into consideration the material that the piece is made from. Chipboard is fine but anything else, wood, plywood, supawood, etc., requires a heavy-duty stapler.








Tough durable staple, pin, and nail guns plus a full range of accessories from the international brand leader Miles offer a full comprehensive range of staplers, Professional staple removers and Staples Sets covering all sizes for DIYers, the trade, and heavy-duty professional industry work.

The range of Miles stapler guns is the largest in the country and offers assorted options for homeowners, craftsmen, women, DIYers and all types of heavy industry users. Miles have taken the model range to a new level when it comes to stapling, developing lightweight, high impact comfortable compact stapler solutions.


MILTP 5525 Compact Stapler and Kit

Their MILTP 5525 is a compact ABS plastic body and no loose parts. This model features a quick drop-in re-loading that comes with an indicator that lets you know when it needs to be re-loaded as well as a handle-lock that can be used for storage. This model is the most suitable for DIY enthusiasts, suitable for Posters, Netting, Textile, Beading, Frames, Canvas, and Plastic Protection. If you purchase the Miles MILTP 5525C2 kit, this kit includes both the stapler and a box of 1000 staples.


MILTS 5580R Utility Stapler

This Utility stapler is a robust all-metal robust construction, it is also a compact design with no loose parts, plus easy drop-in loading with reload indicator. As with the MILTP 5525 Compact Stapler, this model features the handy handle lock that provides essential storage. This model also has an ergonomic grip of soft rubber that is situated on the handle and that ensure user comfort. The Miles MILTS 5580 R Utility Stapler can be used for heavy-duty DIY projects or Industrial applications.


MILTP 5670T Heavy-Duty 3-in-1 (TRIGGER-SHOT)

A 3 in 1 heavy-duty fixer with handle lock and soft grip. That uses staples, nails, and pins. It offers a Trigger fire for normal stapling, great for flush stapling. It is an all-metal robust construction. sleek design with no loose parts. Like other models in the Miles range, the Trigger Shot has easy drop-in loading with indicator for re-loading and storage handle lock. For longer periods of use, the ergonomic and soft rubber grip provides user comfort and reduces fatigue. Use this model for a variety of insulation materials including upholstery projects, woodworking, and carpentry, as well as leatherwork and ceiling panels, to name a few.


MIL TP 5585K Heavy-Duty Stapler

This heavy-duty stapler with handle lock is an all-metal robust construction. Sleek design with no loose parts, comes with a force adjustment knob and easy drop-in loading with reload indicator. The viewing window lets the user track staple usage for quick and efficient working. The MIL TP 5585K Heavy-Duty Stapler is ideal for attaching moulding or bearing, for use on leather upholstery as well as a variety of textiles and leather.


MILISR 34 Heavy-Duty Staple Remover

The heavy-duty solution for safe staple removal. The heavy-duty staple remover has a robust metal construction with ergonomically designed plastic handle to ensure the safety of your knuckles and hands. It easily lifts heavy-duty staples with its In-built clamping and avoids staple kickback.



You can get more details and technical specifications on all products in the Miles range at




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