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The Tork Craft 101-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set Has Them All

Tork Craft offers the best bit set ever for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners and property managers, workshops, and the service industry.






Tork Craft's affordable and comprehensive KT2573 - a magical 101-piece drive set – a set that includes every drive bit you will ever need.







Over the last hundred or so years, we have seen the evolution of fastening systems from the humble flathead or slot screw to the re-introduction of the Robertson square-drive screw and even more when it comes to screws for industrial, commercial or tech industries. With the Tork Craft KT2573 101-piece drive set, you can forget about ever hunting for the correct screwdriver bit again. This all-in-one set allows you to unscrew and open anything and everything, even when it comes to tackling those screws that manufacturers do not want you to open or unscrew.





The Tork Craft KT2573 101-piece drive set is one of the most universal sets ever to appear on the market and is a must buy for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners and property managers, workshops, and the service industry for its ability to solve all your bit selection problems forever.



For the avid DIY enthusiast who loves to get his or her hands dirty when it comes to fixing devices and appliances in and around the home or shop, a multi set screwdriver bit kit supplies you with all the drive bits you will ever need, whether it is for replacing a spare part on a large appliance such as a refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher or washing machine or a multitude of small appliances. Why replace when you can fix!





No DIY enthusiast, carpenter, cabinet maker, woodworker, homeowner, or home handyman should be without this set, and it is a need all for electrical repair shops where specialist or unique bits are required. This set includes all the specialist bits that were previously unavailable to the general public.







Below is just a small sampling of screwdriver and driver bits you may come across to access electronic and digital devices and appliances




Many of the drive bits you will not even recognize, and over the years, you have most certainly encountered problems with screws or attachment heads that you do not recognize and are unable to remove. Those days are now a thing of the past with the Tork Craft KT2573 set as there is nothing that this set will not manage. Even the specialist bits for all the German cars and motorcycles - this set caters for it all.



When tackling repairs, maintenance, overhaul, or rebuilding, you will invariably stumble across some of the unique drive screws out there.





“The Tork Craft KT2573 bit set has to be one of the most needed products on the market.” said Ryan Hunt, Director at Vermont Sales. “Take a closer look at what this set contains, and you will realise that it is invaluable for almost all industries. I have a set at my home, in my workshop and my mobile workshop for maintaining, repairing, and rebuilding motorcycles. Throw in a good quality cordless driver and there is not much more you need,” said Hunt



To get a full run down on all the bits go to or visit for more information.





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