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4 Woodworking Gadgets That Save You Time

I'm all for gadgets that save you time, particularly if they work, and these 4 woodworking gadgets are ones you might consider adding to your collection.




When you love making stuff, you will want a workshop that is kitted-out with everything you need to get the job done. But over and above the tools you need, there are also more than a few gadgets you might want to add to your collection to make your projects even easier. We look at 4 gadgets that are worth buying...





Anyone who does any type of woodworking will tell you that dovetail joints are THE BEST way of finishing a carpentry project. Dovetails is a common technique used in the manufacture of wood furniture, particularly for assembling drawers. Dovetail joints themselves consist of two interlocking faces, one face with tails and the adjoining face with pins. Once locked together, no glue or other type of fastening is required to ensure a strong joint.

The WoodRiver Dovetail Marker makes drawing and marking out dovetail joints an easy task for anyone wanting to create precise, perfect dovetails. The WoodRiver Dovetail Marker Kit comes complete with 4 markers for angles: 1:5, 1:6, 1:8 and 1:10 sized dovetails.











When you need to cut precise angles, you need to set a precise blade angle. The Wixley Angle Gauge has super-strong magnets inside the casing that allow the unit to be securely fastened to cutting blades to set precise angles. With a range up to 180-degrees, 0.1-degree resolution and 0.2-degrees accuracy, you won't find a better gadget for setting your blade angles.











Unless your work pieces are absolutely square or round, which they rarely are, finding the centre can be tricky. The WoodRiver Zero Zero Centre Finder accurately determines the centre - of round and square - work pieces up to 200mm in diameter. You can also use this tool to find the centre of hexagons. Simply place over the end of your piece and rotate the centre-finder - it's as easy as that.






The Gyokucho Double-Edge Saw is flexible enough to cut flush edges in all woods, including hardwoods. With a blade size of 127mm x 32mm and an overall length of 266mm, the cutting blade has 32-cross-cutting teeth per inch for hardwoods and 21 cross-cutting teeth for softwoods. Made for both softwoods and hardwoods, the beech handle and steel blade with hardened teeth is a 'must' for every toolbox.







Gyokucho saws are considered a leading international brand for handsaws and the company was the pioneer for blade flattening and the stamping process.



DID YOU KNOW that Japanese-style pull saws are considered to be far better than other types of saws? These saws offer far more flexibility in woodworking. Most Japanese saws have hardened teeth for extended lifespan but they cannot be sharpened, so it is important that you keep the saw in a dry place and oil regularly to keep the tool free from rust.




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