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Take A Look At The New Consol Glass Bottles

Sleek and stylish, why drink your refreshments from plain bottles when you can have your own personal glass bottles?





Consol has launched a stylish new range of glass bottle designs to add to their existing range. The new designs include the sleek Pencil Sketch Bottle, the Pretty Sleek Bottle, and the Droplet Flower Sketch Bottle. All the new bottles are available in 500ml sizes that are ideal for taking to work and showing off!

Glass has always been considered the most healthy form of packaging for all types of materials. With glass, you don't have to worry about toxins leaching into your favourite drink as glass is 100% pure glass - no additives or preservatives. Unlike plastic, glass is non-porous and won't absorb odours and today's glass bottles are designed to withstand a fairly high temperature without breaking.








Infinitely recyclable, glass bottles can be used over and over without having to worry about safety while caring for the environment by reducing plastic waste.



The Droplet Flower Sketch Bottle is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love and it's an entirely new way of giving the gift of flowers - the everlasting kind. The only water these flowers need is inside the bottle!



With 5 different designs to choose from, you can gift yourself the entire set and be safe in knowing that glass bottles are free from all impurities and that there are no unknown additives or ingredients to spoil your refreshments to stay hydrated.









The sketched designs on the Sleek Pencil Sketch Bottle are sure to be a hit with a motorcar or motorbike enthusiast and the nifty top lets you fill up and drive to your favourite destination. There are 4 sketched designs in the range that includes motorbike, speedometer, off-road and pick-up truck. Buy one for your man or yourself.


The Consol Sleek Pencil Sketch Bottle is available in 4 different designs.



We have come to trust glass for its purity and ability to carry refreshments without having to worry about impurities. Pick up your favourite bottle and head off on a trip while staying hydrated and refreshed.









Another addition to the Consol Glass range is the Sleek Bottle. Each of the 4 bottles in this range features an elegant design that is topped-off with eco-friendly bamboo lids. It won't be long before this will be your go-to choice for refreshments.


Add a splash of colour to your workspace while you stay hydrated during the working day.


The Sleek Bottle comes with designs ranging from geometric and bubbles, lemon, pineapple or delft. Choose your personal fave and leave it out on your desk!



For more information on the Consol Glass range or to buy online, pop onto and check out what's new.










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