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Bosch 550W Palm Router on Special

For those wanting to start doing small router projects, the Bosch GKF 550W Palm Router is a powerful router that is very easy to use and on special offer for today only!



Purchase the Bosch GKF 550 Palm Router @ R1,149 including delivery

Available Today Only!

I know there are more than a few DIY Divas and DIY Guys out there who want to try their hand at routing and I discuss this in detail at the Combined Beginner/ Intermediate workshops that we host. I have a conventional router (hand-held) that is collecting dust in the cupboard, since I don't enjoy using this very much. I find it too cumbersome and finicky when it comes to setting up and using the router.

Then, I have my table router. Same hand-held router but mounted upside down under a router table. This router I use nearly every day for one project or another and couldn't live without it.

About a year ago I invested in a Makita Edge Trimmer, which is very similar to the Bosch GKF 550 Palm Router but perhaps not as versatile.


The Bosch GKF 550 Palm Router is perfect for trimming laminate and decorative edges, as well as dadoes, grooves and slots. The powerful motor ensures fast trimming, while the tool is designed for user comfort with slim, easy-to-hold design with comfortable soft grip.



For those of you wanting to finish off projects with routed edges, to cut grooves or dadoes, I can most definitely recommend the Bosch GKR Palm Router - for both guys and gals. It easily fits in the palm of your hand and is simply guided along edges or to cut grooves.

If you can't afford to splurge for a table router and table and find using a hand-held router inconvenient, then you will love the palm router.


Purchase the Bosch GKF 550 Palm Router @ R1,149 including delivery

Available Today Only!




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