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Change the Look of a Sofa with Upholstered Sofa Covers

Is your sofa looking a bit worse for wear with stains, rips and tears that cannot be disguised? Look at the funky upholstered sofa covers that are available in SA.



Wanting a new look for a sofa? Need to cover up or disguise stains, tears and rips? Love your sofa but it needs a new look? Up until now, it has been almost impossible to find sofa covers that fit a sofa, unless you are prepared to take the risk and order from an overseas supplier. Thankfully, this has been solved by Funky Covers SA - and you will find them on facebook and WhatsApp. Log onto their facebook page for contact details or WhatsApp me 068 539 3300 for orders or any enquiries. They also have a catalogue that covers all the sofa designs that they offer.


Whatever your style of decorating, these funky covers will bring a bright pop of colour or pattern to any room. The sofa covers are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles that include sofa covers for a single-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater sofa or couch.









Keep it Traditional

The designs on the upholstered sofa covers range from a more traditional pattern that will complement all types of room settings and come in rainbow colours and patterns.



The stretchable covers fit easily over a sofa, and you can purchase cushion covers in matching or bright patterns for a contrasting look. These imported sofa covers are available locally with Funky Covers SA and can be found on their facebook page, where you can browse all the designs available in the collection.



What's even nicer about these sofa covers is that they are available in some of the most popular designs, designs that you find in decorated homes on the web and sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Ditch the plain sofa or couch and cover it with an eye-catching design that gives any room a totally new look.







Botanical Sofa Covers

For those homes decorated in a cottage, country-style or prefer something a bit brighter and patterned, Funky Covers SA also offer a range of botanical prints featuring oversized foliage patterns and crazy colourful floral prints - all in assorted colours so that you can tie the sofa cover in with your existing room decor.



Brighten up your living room, family room, den or children's bedroom with these colourful, crazy, funky upholstered sofa cushions. Priced from around R720 for a single-seater sofa to R880 for a 4-seater sofa or couch, you can't beat the price and get to give your sofa a new look at the fraction of what it would cost to buy a new one.



Now you don't need to fork out for a new sofa or couch, you can simply cover up stains, tears or rips with an upholstered sofa cover. If your sofa is still in good condition, simply throw on a new cover. If the sofa needs a bit of extra seat padding, use batting that you can purchase at any fabric store to fill them up again. It is still far cheaper than buying a new sofa.



Choose a floral print that complements your room decor in colours that pop with colour or are more muted. The wide selection of designs lets you choose the perfect one for your home.







Children's Sofa Covers



If you are decorating a children's bedroom or playroom, the wide selection of designs and colours make it easy to coordinate furniture for the room. Funky Covers SA offers a range of themed and patterned upholstered sofa covers in a selection of prints and colours you can choose from.



For more information on the Funky Covers SA upholstered sofa designs, copy and paste into the facebook search function. They also offer a selection of upholstered covers for wing back chairs and upholstered dining chairs.





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