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10 Things you Should not Buy Online

Online shopping has become the new normal for many people as we look for competitive prices and the comfort of shopping from home, but there are downfalls to shopping online and many items that you should not buy online.





As an online shopper myself, I know that many other people prefer to shop online for the majority of their purchases other than foodstuffs. Online shopping is no longer a novelty and the Covid pandemic saw many people go online for their shopping simply to avoid going out in public. A major advantage as a result of the increase in online shopping is that deliveries are much faster, and service seems to have improved overall. But personal shopping experiences aside, if you are thinking about online shopping, take heed of items you should not purchase online.



1 | Shoes





Ladies, gents, and children's shoes are a bit of a hit and miss when you buy them online. The main problem lies in the sizing since international sizing is not the same as ours and even though they give you a comparison with sizing, there is still no guarantee that the sizing will be right. Unless you are buying from a well-known store and are sure of their shoe sizing, it is not a good idea to buy shoes online.



2 | Clothes





Apart from the problems with sizing for clothes, there is also the problem of quality. I am not talking about stores that we know and trust, but online shopping sites that are popping up everywhere and are advertising fantastic clothes at unbeatable prices. I have given this a try and I have looked at many reviews on the various online shopping sites and one thing stands out more than anything... the items shipped - if they are ever shipped - are not what you saw online. If the online shopping site doesn't have reviews on its website, enter the company name into your search bar to look for reviews. There are hundreds of complaints from people who purchased items only to receive cheap knock-offs. And you are going to find it almost impossible to get your money back.









3 | Jewellery and Watches





Another purchase I have made in the past is jewellery, and I have been both lucky and unlucky. Some items that I have received have been exactly what I ordered but my last purchase was most definitely not. It is hard to determine the quality when you shop online and what is specified in the advertisement is not always what you receive. On a ring that I purchased, the setting for the stone was damaged and I was unable to get a refund. Only buy jewellery, and in particular fine jewellery, from a known source.



4 | Lingerie





Over the past year or so, several local online shopping sites have popped up to offer sexy lingerie. When you view the products online, they look stunning, but behind the scenes are ladies manning sewing machines and making items to order - and not always how the items look online. Another scenario is that inferior quality items are imported in bulk. If in doubt, the best way to find out if the supplier is honest is to search for reviews.


Ladies' underwear and mainly bras are not a good online purchase as finding a bra that is comfortable in fit and offers good support is hard to do if sight unseen. Factors to consider include quality, fit and size and it is far better to pay a visit to your favourite lingerie store than end up dissapointed with your purchases.







5 | Designer Knock-Offs





Don't be fooled into buying 'designer' items at unbelievable prices. When something is too good to be true... this is normally the case. Cheap knock-offs resemble the designer items when you see them online, but once they are shipped and delivered - they can immediately be seen to be cheap imitations. If you are not sure - don't!



6 | Pets




Fraudsters abound online when it comes to pedigree pets - cats, dogs or others. Websites are popping up every day that offer pedigree French bulldogs and other breeds and they are not even offered at discounted prices, which would probably be more detectable. These sites offering online pets for sale are designed to attract your attention and pull your heart strings. The bottom line is that unless you are 100% certain of the source, do not trust these fraudulent websites and do not be lulled into forking out money for a pet unseen that is to be 'delivered' to your door.



7 | Pharmaceuticals (nutritional and weight loss)





This one is not something new and every day it seems like another amazing weight loss product is discovered or a vitamin pill that cures all ailments. If the product is not on the shelf at your local pharmacy, it probably hasn't been tested and is not safe for human consumption. Weight loss supplements are a billion-dollar market for unsuspecting purchasers wanting to lose weight. It is very easy to manipulate 'before' and 'after' images to make you believe a product works. If this is you, rather visit your local pharmacy or a nutritionist and discuss your options with them?







8 | Furniture and Decor





I love shopping my favourite online furniture stores for special offers and discount deals and have yet to be disappointed. However, there are now plenty of unknown manufacturers and suppliers popping up all the time. My advice to you is to check references and reviews and find out more about the company before you pay upfront.



9 | Mattress





Buying a mattress, especially a quality mattress that should last for at least 10 years, is a personal experience and one that you should not do online. If you are looking for a mattress, rather visit the store so that you can test the different models and be made aware of any warranty before you purchase.



10 | Cars or Motorbikes





Buying a car online, sight unseen, is not a good idea, especially when there are fraudsters out there ready to scam your cash from you. Even when you buy a car at a motor dealer, you will want to take it for a test drive. Any reputable dealer of new or second-hand cars will advise that you only go through reputable dealers when purchasing a motor vehicle or motorbike.






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