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Make Perfect Corners For Your DIY Picture Frames

For those who enjoy making their own DIY picture frames, the Wolfcraft Corner Clamps make every project even easier.



TODAY ONLY: On special at @ R159.00 for the 2/Pack Wolfcraft Corner Clamps. See below for link details to buy online.


One of my favourite DIY projects is making picture frames. When we include this as part of our DIY-Divas workshop schedule, I love seeing how everyone enjoys making their own picture frames and discover how easy it is to design and create a wide variety of picture frames for themselves.



The trickiest part of making your own picture frames is making sure that the mitred corner joints fit together perfectly. If they don't, you end up having to fill up any gaps with wood filler, which is not ideal if you are making your picture frames out of wood as there is no disguising the wood filler if you are leaving the wood raw or staining.



Wolfcraft offer a 2/pack corner clamp that allows for fast fixing of wood or boards at a 90-degree angle, whether you are using it for picture frames, mounting perfect shelves, or any other type of project where you require clamping aid. You can even use the Wolfcraft Corner Clamp as an extra pair of hands when you are doing corner or T-joints, no matter what thickness of wood or board you are using - up to 22mm.

The single-hand operation means there is no fussing around as you work - making your job even easier.

For more information on using the Wolfcraft Corner Clamps, take a peek at the video below. Or click here to view the full range of Wolfcraft products and to order your Wolfcraft Corner Clamps.











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