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Things to Consider When Choosing A Bed for You and Your Partner

A good mattress for couples promotes healthy relationships, as well as physical health and well-being, giving you the right amount of sleep to keep you energized to do your daily routine with a smile.




Choosing a bed if you have a partner can be challenging as you’ll also have to consider their needs and wants. Aside from your comfort, it's also vital to know the mattress features that are suitable for both of you to ensure restful sleep, most especially at night. A good mattress for married couples and communal partners promotes healthy relationships, as well as physical health and well-being, giving you the right amount of sleep to keep you energized to do your daily routine with a smile.
In this post, you'll learn the important things you must consider when choosing a bed for you and your partner. This will also help in making a more informed choice and avoid hassle and stressful returns.


Individual Needs

According to the latest census, more than 132 million adults in the United States are married, and over 18 million unmarried adults are cohabitating. Because millions of people are living together, it's essential to choose a great mattress to promote good sleep. However, choosing the best mattress can be challenging, most especially if it's your first time.

It's crucial to consider your individual needs based on your ideal mattress firmness, sleeping position, and body weight. You should talk about your similarities and differences to come up with the best decision as to what type of mattress you need to buy.


Motion Isolation Feature

Sleeping with a partner in bed creates movements, and most often than not, one of you is unable to sleep well because of tossing and turning. Choosing a great mattress for motion isolation is advisable to minimize the impact of movements on both sleepers.

Motion isolation is a great feature you must check when buying a new mattress from a store or online. A mattress with a good motion isolation feature will make you hardly feel movements on the other side of the mattress. Because sleep movements are a common problem for people sharing beds, like couples, they need a high-quality mattress with good motion isolation.



Type of Mattress

For your master bedroom, it's important to choose a mattress type that is suitable for both of you. Each type of mattress has unique features that you might want to consider based on your sleeping time, habits, and other bedroom activities.


Check out these mattress types you can choose from:

Hybrid Mattresses: This type of mattress is made from coils, latex, and memory foam, specifically designed with the best features like latex for cooling, pressure relief of memory foam, and the coils' underlying support.

Latex Mattresses: They are made from latex foam, which provides cooling, bounce, responsiveness, and great comfort. It's a decent choice for couples with different sleep needs who want the comfort and style of a foam mattress?

Memory Foam Mattresses: This mattress style has become very popular, which provides great support, body contouring, and pressure relief. With the new cooling technology of memory foam mattresses, sleeping is very cool and comfortable.

Innerspring Mattresses or Coils: This traditional mattress type is most widely used and designed with inner coils, providing support and comfort. When buying a coil mattress, the more coils means better support and comfort.


Mattress Size

Couples should choose a mattress size that can comfortably accommodate both. You can choose a full-size mattress or a larger size. A lot of couples prefer to buy a queen size or king size mattress because these are more spacious, most especially couples with large body size. Choosing the right size for you should involve a mutual decision, so you need to talk about this aspect with your partner.


Edge Mattress Support

When two people are sharing a mattress, they should be able to use every inch of the bed's surface, which would require solid edge support. Latex and hybrid mattresses usually offer the best edge support which you can compress significantly around the perimeter.



Noise, like squeaks from your mattress, can hinder a good night’s sleep. Also, a noisy mattress can be unwelcoming for partners who want to do intimate bed activities discreetly. Choosing a quiet mattress, like all-foam and latex beds, is a good idea because they generate the least noise.



When choosing the best bed for you and your partner, you must consider mutual needs, such as your sleeping position, body weight, and mattress preferences. Choose a bed with a motion isolation feature, cooling technology, and something durable and comfortable. It will help if you buy a high-quality mattress that you can afford, but one that you can use for many years without compromising comfort and durability.



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