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Tork Craft Wire Strippers make Electrical Repairs Easy!

I have been looking for a decent wire stripper for quite some time, so I'm glad to see that Tork Craft have introduced 2 wire stripper options.



The comfortable Tork Craft 2-in-1 Wire Cutter and Stripper will strip the ends off round cable by up to 15 mm and comes with a handy built-in side cutter.







I used to have a brilliant wire stripper that I have owned for most of my life but it finally gave up the ghost and I have been struggling to replace it with a decent model. Most of the wire strippers that you find in Builders and hardware stores are the manual type that require you to rip off the electrical covering. I prefer to use a pistol-grip that cuts and removes wire coverings quickly and easily.

The two new Wire Strippers from Tork Craft are a total winner for anyone who needs to do home eletrical repairs, or repetitive stripping of electrical wires. Both models save time and reduce frustration, which I find most irritating when I need to wire up a plug for an appliance or when I present the DIY Divas Basic Electrical workshop.









Tork Craft have launched the TCWS 301 a 2-in-1 Pistol-Grip Cutter and Stripper and the TCWS 300 3-in-1 longitudinal Wire Stripper and Cutter. Both of these models are available at leading retail outlets, although I haven't yet seen them in the Builders stores.







The Tork Craft Wire Strippers make all electrical repairs and maintenance a work a breeze and you no longer have to worry about slicing your fingers with a knife in order to remove wire coverings. 

The 3-in-1 unit, shown here, has a reinforced fibreglass plastic housing that strips and cuts all round cables from 0.5 to 10mm and strips longitudinal round cables of 8 to 10 mm.



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