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Recycle or Buy Steel Lockers for Storage

Steel lockers have become quite trendy in the past couple of years and you can recycle or buy steel lockers for storage cabinets or display pieces.




Steel filing cabinets and lockers have become a trendy item in the past couple of years. All the major retailers have been stocking a range of steel lockers and related furniture to meet the growing trend for this type of furniture. What's great about recycling or buying steel lockers is the fact that they are almost indestructible, as well as that they can easily be restored or upcycled using a coat or two of  Rust-Oleum spray paint to meet a growing family's storage requirements.







Buy the Gable Steel Locker Cabinet in Red or white at @ R1,450.00 - on special while stocks last.







If you prefer to take on the project of recycling or upcycling an old steel locker, keep an eye on websites like Gumtree or Bid or Buy to find bargains on these types of furniture. You can also pick up great bargains by watching out for office furniture auctions, where you are more than likely to find steel lockers and steel furniture.

While the description lists the Gable Steel Locker Cabinet as a TV unit, you can use these lockers anywhere that you need extra storage. Plus, they look so great they can even be used as display or accent pieces in a room.







Steel lockers are so versatile that they can be used almost anywhere for essential storage. Use a steel locker as a server in the dining room. There is plenty of space for all your crockery and table accoutrements.


And, of course, you can also use the Gable Steel Locker Cabinets as a TV display unit. Pack all you audio and visual equipment inside the cupboard, or use it to store all your CD's and DVD's. If you prefer to add a splash of colour (other than red or white), it's so easy to spray on a can of your favourite colour!


Because steel locker cabinets are almost indestructible, they're great for storage in kids or teen bedroom. These units are designed to take the knocks of everyday life and you can let them take on that wonderful patina that comes with age, or apply a new coat of paint to keep them looking great.[]=ika%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=ps%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=bedroom%7Ctyped


If you are decorating a room in a specific colour scheme, you only need a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint and you can instantly change the colour of a steel locker.



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