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Take Advantage of this Cut & Blow Special from WORX

Celebrate the New Year with this combo consisting of a WORX garden 20-V cordless Blower and Trimmer.






Neatly trimmed and perfectly cut edges create the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful and well-cared for garden.





Celebrate the New Year with this combo consisting of a WORX garden 20-V cordless Blower and Trimmer.







Even though your New Year's Resolutions have been made, and probably already broken by a few, there is no reason not to take advantage of this Cut & Blow Special from WORX. To celebrate the New Year, you can purchase this 2-in-1 combo of Cordless 20-V Blower and Trimmer - portable tools that you can use anywhere in the garden to stay on top of maintenance.



Put away backbreaking tools and invest in cordless WORX tools that take the strain out of gardening.



fine gardening



WORX Cordless Trimmer and Edger WG157E.9

The trimmer and edger in one easily converts from trimming to edger in seconds with simple manual adjustment for fast neat trimming that, with its long shaft, has the ability to trim in hard-to-reach areas, Add to that the lightweight design and ergonomic handle for stress-free operation and you have a 2-in-1 tool that maintains edges in tip-top shape. The tool uses an auto-feed system to accommodate a single line to provide instant trimming and longer run time. Options for the WORX Trimmer and Edger include increased batteries packs, spare batteries, and chargers





WORX WG549E Blower

Around 85% of the dirt in your home is tracked, blown, or carried in from entry points like your garage, deck, patio, stoep, or workshop. Using the WORX Blower (WG549E) makes cleaning up easier and allows you to have a clean zone around the house that will reduce the time spent cleaning indoors. With a long-reach handle, you can get to hard-to-reach places such as decks or between trees and shrubs to give your garden a full cleaning to remove debris and fallen leaves.







With 200km/h maximum airspeed you can clean up large areas with ease and that includes hard surfaces such as driveways, tennis courts, paved areas, gardens, garages and workshops. The lightweight, compact design increases efficiency and reduces fatigue while one-handed operation provides the ultimate comfort and control. The WORX PowerShare™ interchangeable battery platform lets you use the batteries with any other WORX tools you have in your workshop or garden shed.



Keeping a garden neat and tidy doesn't have to be a chore with the WORX WG549E Blower.





The WORX WG549E Blower makes garden clean up easier and eliminates the need for raking or sweeping to clean up debris of leaves. Forget about hard work spending your weekends in the garden when you invest in a WORX blower. I make it a morning ritual once a week, or when needed, to blow leaf litter to a suitable spot in the garden for easy cleaning and removal.



To view the full range of WORX DIY and Garden tools and videos, visit and click on WORX. The WORX brand of tools is available from all leading outlets countrywide.






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