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Should You Filter Your Drinking Water?

With over 40 years of experience, JoJo has shown South Africans how to harvest water and store rainwater and now they are ready to show you how to filter your drinking water, straight from the tap.





The JoJo name is synonymous with rainwater harvesting - a name that instils a reputation for credibility and quality. Now Jojo would like to take you on another journey, one that means no more worrying about your drinking water quality and impurities. No more need for plastic water bottles to scourge our refuse and dumps.

2020 has shown us that our health is very important to us and having access to clean drinking water - water that is free from parasites and bacteria - is just one of the reasons why your lifestyle and home should incorporate the JoJo reputation for access to quality water.

Water is life and we need to drink water every day for good health. But municipalities around the world are struggling to provide pure, natural water to the masses and the water we drink is impure and flooded with chlorine which begs the question, "Are you drinking healthy water?"








Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


"The conversation over the scarcity of water as a natural resource, as well as water security has been ongoing," says Grant Neser, JoJo Managing Director. “As a leading company specialising in rainwater harvesting and storage, we now turn out experience and focus towards water filtration, and the uncertain quality of the drinking water we consume daily. With this in mind, the JoJo filtration system offers you a method to trust the tap water you drink every day.”

"When you purchase a tap water filtering jug, most of these filter water by sieving (filtering) the water and thereby reducing the amount of chlorine and sediment in the water, thus making the water look cleaner and taste better," advises Sebasti Badenhorst, JoJo's National Sales & Marketing Manager of JoJo. “The problem with this type of process is that it leaves behind the microscopic residue of parasites, viruses and as well as trace chemicals.







“The JoJo range of water filtration devices incorporates a unique disruptor filter technology that utilises the process of electro-adsorption, creating an electrical field activated by water. This process effectively attracts and removes more impurities and contaminants than any other water filters available. It is, in fact, the same technology that NASA uses.”



With the JoJo range of water filtration products, there is no need for bottled drinking water or water dispensers in the home or office - now you can filter drinking water directly from a tap. “From both and eco and health sense, the entire tap water filtration process makes good sense in that you can trust your tap water with JoJo. Now you can have complete control over the quality of water coming out your tap - at work and home.”



The JoJo water filtration range offers the following:


• Whole-house filter

Connected to the main water supply line, this unit ensures that all water used throughout the home is clean and filtered. Providing high volumes of filtered water this unit takes up minimal space compared to other whole-house filters on the market. R5, 731.00 to R6, 112.00 (varies based on the cartridge combination).


• Undersink filter unit

Easy-to-install and an out-of-sight compact solution R1,761.00.


• Countertop filter

The simplistic modern design of the countertop filter blends well into any kitchen layout R1,554.00.


• Inline filter

which serves as a back-up solution when access to clean drinking water is limited R415.00


• Filtration jug

Filters water as you fill it up and specifically designed to fit inside your fridge door R415.00


• Lightweight filter bottle

Ensures clean, safe and great-tasting water wherever you go, retailing at R208.00.


The range indicated above provides the most comprehensive and advanced water filtration technology available on the local market. The long-lasting refill cartridges are easy to replace and ensure zero water wastage during the filtration process.

For more information on the JoJo range of water purification systems visit or at Builders and select hardware stores, Co-Ops and independent retailers.







About JoJo

Proudly South African and with 40-years of experience, JoJo Tanks is a success story as one of our most loved brands. The core of the business is simple: they answer needs. A very urgent need in South Africa, based around infrastructure and sanitation, is for the global need for everyone to be more aware and responsible with our dwindling precious resources.








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