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Now You Can Buy Quality Tiles Online At Italtile

The global pandemic has brought about plenty of changes, but one change we can enjoy is the ability to buy more online.




With the global pandemic affecting our lifestyle in so many ways, it's nice to know that there is some good news for a change. One aspect of our lives that will change is the ability to do more shopping online. Retail stores have taken a huge hit as a result of the lockdown and it has forced many retail outlets to re-think about how they do business. Online shopping has been a boon to me for many reasons, one of which is the ability to shop around for something I need; to compare different prices for items I am looking for and put these in a wishlist for future purchase.

One retail chain that has taken their business online is Italtile. Now you can take a trip to choose the perfect tiles without even leaving your home to shop one of South Africa's largest homestyle e-commerce store. You have the ability to browse for as long as you like no matter the time of day - or night - and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to do it.







Purchase everything you need to beautify and improve your home with the Bring Beautiful Back Promo


South Africans are coming to appreciate the value of online shopping and that it is all about viewing items online for ease and convenience, with endless ideas at your fingertips and be able to pay for your purchases with secure payment transactions.



Take advantage of the Bring Back Beautiful Promotion to bring a wall of colour and pattern to any room in the home. Patchwork tiles have gained increasing popularity with their ageless and timeless appeal. You can use patchwork tiles to add a kaleidoscope of colour to floors and walls, or create a focal point in any room - indoors or outdoors.



Italtile offer an exclusive and ever-increasing range of Patchwork Tiles curated from the tile masters of Europe. Each patchwork design is an authentic remastering of an ancient art and you can expect bold black and white patterns, tribal symbols in earth tones, bold Mediterranean patterns, elegant Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs.







If you love everything colourful, the kaleidoscope of Patchworks is sure to please.




Ceramic Industries, a valuable Italtile partner, is always looking for ways that are smarter and cleaner when it comes to producing Proudly South African tiles. Ceramic Industries is the proud to introduce EcoTec - a new eco-focused technology in the manufacture of tiles. The EcoTec method for manufacturing tiles raises the eco-friendly bar for all their manufacturing factories.

Italtile supports a LIVEGREEN philosophy and choosing the right manufacturing partner is key to the sustainability of the industry, which is why Italtile are proud to partner with a local manufacturer leading the way in green practices.




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