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Take A Look At DeskStand - An Adjustable Standing Desk

Perfect for working at home or for improving your posture, the DeskStand is an adjustable standing desk that complies with ergonomic regulation guidelines.




In light of the Ergonomic Regulations published in 2019, employers and those persons self-employed affect you and your workplace. The Regulations state that employers or employees must be trained on all the various aspects concerning ergonomics and how it affects the workplace. Since that time, several manufacturers have introduced furniture designs for office furniture that focus on ergonomics, and particularly why sitting down all day is bad for you.

Several studies have revealed that too much sitting is bad for you, to the extent that there is a link between lifespan and exercise and this further correlates with the belief that sitting for too long in front of a desk is not good for your health. Many employers are taking note of this and looking at ways to incorporate ergonomic design even further in the workplace, and one such method is the standing desk, which allows employees to sit or stand at their desk.









In a nutshell, ergonomics is the study of how employees interact with manufactured objects, whether it is an office chair or a desk. A chair that incorporates an ergonomic design is one that supports your body and helps to maintain correct posture. In the case of a desk, one designed using ergonomic practices should offer height adjustment for a comfortable working position. 

In a recent feature on, we look at how you can reduce back pain simply by altering how you interact with your desk or workspace. Employees who work from home or anyone who is self-employed and in control of their work environment has the ability to consider ergonomic design for themselves.

The DeskStand shown in this article is patented to reduce neck strain and tension, improve overall posture and relieve back pain from constantly sitting while you work. The DeskStand is designed to offer a healthier posture and is offered in two sizes, both of which can be adjusted for standing or sitting at a desk or workspace.










Over the years, there have been plenty of tongue-in-cheek methods for exercising while you work, from sitting on a Pilates ball instead of a chair, to clenching and exercising muscles while you sit at your desk. A standing desk offers a far better way to exercise while you work, from clenching your butt and stretching back and shoulder muscles, to taking a regular walk to refresh both body and mind.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act doesn't force employers to provide ergonomic office furniture, but it does regulate how employers consider risk factors that may affect employees, particularly as relating to musculoskeletal injuries that might occur in the workplace.










The Jumbo DeskStand shown below provides a solution to the lack of space to set up an office in the home. It can be used as an alternative to purchasing expensive ergonomically-designed office furniture yet still offers an ergonomic design when used as a standing desk.


The Jumbo DeskStand offers an easy way to set up an office at home.









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