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Quick Draw Precision Tape Measure With Auto Marking

Quick Draw USA has created the unique innovative all in one tape measure and marker.





Take a look at the most sort after tape measure. The Quick Draw Precision Tape Measure comes with a lifetime warranty and free hook/clip key chain. No pencil or rule is required - all you need to do is pull out a tape measure and instantly mark straight lines. The Quick Draw has its own rule or drawing circle and rolls a graphite line automatically giving you greater accuracy than a pencil and it is easily operated with one hand thanks to the patented RollMark™ Graphite Technology.


Integrated replaceable tape markers that are good for up to 2000 marks.



The Quick Draw is available in 5 or 8-metre lengths and features an unbendable locking blade for perfectly straight lines without the use of a rule and comes complete with a refill indicator. The Quick Draw also draws both half and full circle markings. To mark, simply lock the blade and you can then draw lines, circles or a radius by holding the corner of the hook on the centre point.







Quick Draw USA has created the innovative all-in-one tape measure and marker.



The Quick Draw Tape Measure uses 0.9 mm graphite sticks and these can be easily reloaded in less than 10 seconds. QD Graphite refills are also available.


The marking method works via a graphite stick that is mounted directly above a small steel wheel which, as the wheel rotates, transfers the graphite onto the surface to leave a clear mark. You can use this innovative tape measure on all kinds of surfaces, including rough finishes, due to the hardened steel wheel that rolls out the graphite. Now you can draw accurate pencil lines without using a pencil and that never needs to be sharpened.

The marking system eliminates the parallax effect, letting you make extremely accurate marks up to 2000 marks per load. The measuring tape comes complete with 10 refills that give you 20,000 marks. White refill markers are also available as an extra accessory.


The included hook/clip Key Chain can be attached to your belt or toolbox so that it's always at hand when you need it.







“When you need to you work with a tape measure daily or want accurate results while working on home projects, you will find this innovation from Quick Draw to be a practical addition to your toolbox or workshop,” says Ryan Hunt - Director of Sales at Vermont Sales. “This tape measure draws a perfect line, circle, or half circle and gives you a free hand to hold the blade in place for a more accurate mark. Use it to duplicate measurements, makes tricky measurements easy by saving time and frustration. The QuickDraw Tape Measure is also built to meet the toughest demands of any contractor. Contained in a tough, rugged co-moulded case, the tape hook is secured with three rivets and a steel backing plate. Using one-hand operation you can easily extend the stand-out of the blade up to 2.5m without it bending. This tool has to be one of our winning new products of the year,” said Hunt.



With a proven track record and repeated testing the highly rated Quick Draw has received glowing reviews from leading retail media, trade, and retailers.


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