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Quick Tip: Tap For Emergency Lighting

Load shedding causes grief for everyone, but my least favourite is having to go to the bathroom when the power is off and I can't find the torch in the dark.




Not just ideal for a bathroom, you can use a tap light for emergency lighting on a staircase or steps, in the kitchen, or as a night light in a children's bedroom.







For me, there's nothing worse than falling into the toilet because my hubby forgets to put down the toilet lid after his last trip to the bathroom. This has happened more than once when the power has been off due to load shedding and I decided enough was enough. I have now kitted out the house with tap lights - battery-operated and USB rechargeable LED lights - that I have mounted on the wall at various places where light is essential.

Okay, a torch would work just as well, but who wants to go searching for the torch in the middle of the night when the power is out. I would much rather have conveniently placed lighting that can be switched on and off easily and let me complete the task at hand.

I have tried quite a few brands over the years, some of which are just plain junk and shouldn't even be up for sale and others that were okay but didn't seem to last very long before they literally fell apart. The one that works the best for me and is the most practical is one that I purchased on It is manufactured in China (like most others that I tried out) but has a practical design that makes it easy for charging, and I charge it every morning while working on my laptop.







What a great idea for emergency lighting in the home!


The tap light has 2 settings: full power and dimmed lighting, and is perfect for in the bathroom, on a staircase, next to a gas stove, or anywhere else you need lighting when the power goes out. 

There are no batteries that have to be replaced and the magnetic plate on the back makes it super-easy to take off the wall and plug into my laptop with the supplied USB cable.


With this tap light you don't need to replace batteries. Simply use the supplied USB cable to plug into your laptop or charging device.



The tap light itself is quick to install, simply attach and peel off the backing on the double-sided tape, affix to a clean wall and pop the light in place. The magnetic back secures the light onto the wall but allows for removal when it needs charging.







To mount the tap light onto a wall, first, make sure that the wall is clean and dry. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape to affix to the back of the magnetic plate and onto the wall. Now all you have to do is pop on the {charged} tap light.






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