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Festool Special Offers at

Take a look at some excellent Special Offers on Festool tools and now on at




Buy your Festool tools from and receive benchmarks to the value of 15 000 when purchasing any Festool model.





For the month of May 2022, if you purchase tools to the value of R6,500 or more from, you will receive 15 000 benchmarks with a total value of R1 500 to spend on even more awesome tools for your workshop!



Kitting out your home or work workshop is an expensive undertaking, one that will cost you a fair bit if you want to ensure you only purchase the very best tools. Festool has a global reputation for innovation and design and has been put to the test with a proven record for safety and customer satisfaction. Festool products are guaranteed and backed by ongoing research to ensure each user has a tool that meets the highest quality standards - worldwide.



Buy your Festool tools from and receive benchmarks to the value of 15 000 when purchasing any Festool model.







Here are just some of the Festool products that you can purchase on special at and then have an additional 15 000 benchmarks to purchase even more tools or accessories.



Festool Model DF 500 Q-Plus Domino

The ultimate tool for the woodworker, cabinet maker or carpentry professional. The Festool DOMINO system combines the precise function of the round dowel with the flexibility of a traditional flat dowel – giving you the perfect solution for all types of panel joints in a wide selection of timber and board products.






This diamond grinder gives optimal performance when used with diamond tools. The high-powered 1,600 W motor provides easy material removal for speedy results and the folding segment provides the freedom necessary to work on walls. Full safety features protect the user and combined with the Festool dust extraction system, air quality is maintained at reasonable levels.









Festool CTL 26 E CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor

Approved for class L dust extraction, the Festool CTL 26 is compact but large. Light but powerful. It can be used on a job site, construction site, or in a workshop. The 26-litre storage container provides maximum volume with compact dimensions. Equipped with swivelling castor wheels and rear wheels for optimum mobility.





Festool ROTEX RO 125 FEQ-Plus Geared Eccentric Sander

The ROTEX RO 125 is one tool that gives an extremely high material removal rate during coarse sanding and a super-fine finish when fine sanding and a perfect finish when polishing. The RO 125 has a compact housing and soft-grip surfaces. Combine these features with a powerful motor and combination of eccentric and orbital motion and you can remove material three times faster than conventional eccentric sanders.





Festool HKC 55 Li EB-Basic Cordless Portable Circular Saw

This cordless portable saw doesn't care if you are on a roof or on solid ground it provides reproducible angled cuts and guided cuts in combination with the FSK cross-cutting guide rails and the FS guide rails or precise mitre cuts. The Festool HKC 55 circular saw demonstrates what modern circular saws are capable of and reinforces this in every cut with its versatility, flexible usability, and maximum precision day after day.








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