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Power tools that are perfect for women

Power tool manufacturers are taking cognisance of the fact that more women are doing DIY these days. But more than that, they know we want power tools that are lightweight and easy to use.



Today, you can walk into any Builders Warehouse and select from a wide range of power tools that make DIY easier for women. We take a look at some of the leading tools that are not only lightweight, but offer plenty of power for almost any DIY project in and around the home.



Before Dremel, an angle grinder was the only tool that could be used to cut tiles and brick. As one of the most dangerous and scary tools to use few women enjoy using an angle grinder. Now you can use a Dremel DSM20. This lightweight cutting tool is lightweight and comfortable to hold and is reasonably quiet when compared to an angle grinder. Use this tool to cut tiles, laminate, PVC and thin metal sheet. 







While there are many woodworkers that still today like to use a manual planer, a powered planer like the Bosch PHO saves time and energy when you need to smooth down rough wood or trim off a bit here and there. 









Until a few years ago, power drills were bulky, heavy and noisy. Innovations in Lithium-Ion battery technology have resulted in huge leaps and bounds and power tools are even smaller. The Bosch PSB 10,8 volt Combi Drill /Driver might be small, but it packs enough power to drill into concrete. 




The last time I used a screwdriver was to pry open a can of paint. While screwdrivers still have their place, why put yourself through the strain of using a manual screwdriver when you can have the power of a cordless screwdriver like the Bosch PSR Select in the palm of your hand. Not to mention the fact that here in SA we have screws with square holes but you can't buy a screwdriver with a square bit !









Handsaws are hard work. As a woman who enjoys making my own furniture and accessories, I want to make my tasks as easy as possible. A jigsaw is easy to use and can cut a variety of materials, as well as cutting curves and detail.  




Sanding blocks and hand sanding are sometimes a necessity, but when you have to do lots of sanding it is far easier and less time consuming to use a power sander. For occasional sanding a small Bosch Primo is perfect, but there are plenty of other models to choose from if you do regular sanding projects.