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Dremel accessories offer even more control

DIY and hobby enthusiasts can now undertake projects with more precision with Dremel’s comprehensive range of multitool attachments. Ideal for use in numerous applications, from metal polishing to wooden frame engraving.

The Dremel range of accessories includes; Multi-Vise, Flex-Shaft Tool Holder, Workstation Shaping Platform and Detailer’s Grip Attachment. All these attachments are designed to give the DIY enthusiasts even greater control and versatility when using a  multitool.

The Dremel Workstation combines a drill press and tool holder that allows for vertical work. Work at an angle, adjustable in 15 degree increments of 15 degrees, or lock horizontally for accurate drilling or sanding. With the accessory you can turn any Dremel multitool into a bench top tool with adjustable angle and plunge facilities.

Once assembled and set up the adjustable angle and stable platform allows for long periods of polishing or grinding and allows more precise cuts when using cutting wheels.





The telescoping tool stand holds tool, has on-board accessory storage and allow the cord to be safely stowed.

If you enjoy doing a variety of crafts and projects, the Dremel Multi-Vise can be clamped onto a workbench, a table and a countertop and rotated up to 360 degrees, or tilted up to 50 degrees. The vice clamps firmly hold your project in place for grinding, drilling or sanding. This accessory comes in handy when recycling aluminium cans or glass bottles - simply clamp in place, pop on your goggles and have your hands free to perform any tasks.

The Dremel Multi-Vise clamps to any workbench, table or countertop and allows you to work at a comfortable angle. The clamping jaws may be used with base unit or detached for use as a stand-alone bar clamp.

The Flexible Shaft is the ideal attachment for precise, detailed work or hard to reach places. A comfortable grip allows fingertip control to cut, grind, sand, polish and more while the integrated shaft lock button for quick and easy accessory changes - quick connect attaches your Dremel tool in seconds.

The Detailer's Grip attachment enables you to have even better control of your multitool when doing DIY, hobby and craft projects. The grip provides extra support for any rotary tool having a threaded nose piece and transfers the weight of the tool to the palm of your hand for improved tool balance and control.

 The soft grip provides added comfort and an angled base to allow the user to get closer to the work when you need to grip a rotary tool like a pencil for precise work during engraving, carving, etching and polishing applications.

The Dremel Shaping Platform enables sanding and grinding at perfect 90- and 45-degree angles. It is great for restoration of ornaments and smooth sharpening of garden tools and wooden furniture. With the included sanding mandrel, sanding band and grinding stone you can start working straight away. 

Use the shaping platform as an added accessory to a multitool, or fit onto the Dremel Multi-Vise as shown below.


Dremel was founded by Albert J. Dremel in Wisconsin, USA, in 1932. Today, the company is part of the worldwide operation Bosch Group and its products are distributed in more than 90 countries through hardware stores, home centres, hobby shops, online retailers and industrial tool wholesalers. For more information please visit