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Bosch 10.8V now 12V

In line with global standards, the name of Bosch 10.8V power tools, batteries and chargers have changed to 12V.


There is bound to be some confusion with Bosch changing the name of its 10.8V power tools to 12V, but the ’12’ in the tool name represents the maximum battery voltage - being 12 Volt - and this simply replaces the current product name of 10.8 volt - being an average battery voltage.

Around the world, the Bosch 12V product name is already implemented and other global manufacturers in this market will soon follow the 12V tool labelling.





Why the change?

The change in name from 10.8V to 12V has been done to standardise the range worldwide, and to minimise confusion in the market by clearly identifying tools that are rated at maximum voltage - 12V - as opposed to nominal voltage - 10.8V. Other than the name change, there are no other changes and the tools themselves are no different.

Bosch advise that all 10.8V power tools, batteries and chargers will now become 12V, but that the 12V and 10.8V tools are absolutely compatible and you can continue to use the power tools, batteries and chargers with all 12V tools.