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How to use a Compound Mitre Saw

If you're planning a major home renovation that involves cutting mitred corners and angles, then the Bosch Compound Mitre Saw is an investment well worth the expense.

As a DIY enthusiast, this is one of my favourite tools to use. After unpacking the compound mitre saw it only took one try to get me hooked and now I look for excuses to use it whenever I can. Even though I own one of the older, green DIY models, the newer models will offer increased versatility.

What makes a compound mitre saw so useful is its ability to work on a sliding system, have a rotating table and a head that tilts for angle cutting - all this in one very powerful tool. This means that you can cut straight edges, edges at various angles and bevelled cuts, the latter being essentially used for skirting and cornice.

Tips on using a compound mitre saw

  • Read the instruction manual to acquaint yourself with the proper operation techniques.

  • Always don your safety glasses and ear protection before operating a table saw.

  • Never use a compound mitre saw with the blade guard raised and the cutting blade exposed.

  • Check your timber and board for nails, etc before cutting, as these can cause serious damage to your tool and yourself.