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How Power Tools Makes Any DIY Renovation Easy

Here’s how specific power tools can make your DIY home makeover a breeze.


We’ve all been guilty of spending hours scrolling through DIY tutorials, which showcase complete makeovers on a budget. Shopping for furniture and adornments can be fun until you make it to the checkout and find out you’re paying too much for too little. You’d be surprised at how affordable, making your own furniture is, and it’s also a lot of fun to implement your own custom-made designs based on your preferences, not what the market compels you to buy. In the long run, you’ll find yourself saving up hundreds of dollars that you can invest in more DIY projects and home decoration. If you’re tired of the limited options that your local furniture store has to offer, all you have to do for a complete home renovation is to have your power tools handy to get started!

Here’s how these power tools can make your DIY home makeover a breeze.


Scroll saw

The most dramatic makeovers will inevitably involve plenty of woodwork, which will be a breeze with a high-quality scroll saw that can precisely cut through the thick wood. If you’re unsure what brands to buy and understandably refuse to venture with a blind purchase, reviews at gives you a list of pros and cons of the widely purchased tools from different websites based on real, hands-on reviews from DIY fanatics like yourself. In general, you should always invest in high-quality tools for precision and durability. Pin-end blades are easier to handle change out, but offer less blade variety. Flat blades, on the other hand, are more difficult to change out, but they work impeccably in tight spaces.

Nail gun

Nailers easily drive into the wood and will make your life a ton easier when you’re building or fixing furniture. A framing nailer, in particular, can be put to good use and provides the accuracy that your hammer won’t deliver. The possibilities are endless with what you can build with it, ranging from cabinets and tables to canopy beds and porch swings. If you’re buying a pneumatic framing nailer, make sure you pair that with a quality air compressor for better precision. A cordless nailer, however, is best for beginners. Pneumatic nail guns are more heavy-duty, but they’re a little on the heavier side and will take some getting used to.


You can’t do carpentry work without a sander, which works to refinish your woodwork by smoothing surfaces and any rough edges. Choosing a sander depends on what you’ll use it for, but you can’t go wrong with a cordless, battery-operated sander. High-end brands can be hooked up to a vacuum hose for dust collection, and will usually feature speed control. Investing in a good brand will allow you to finish off a dusting job that would normally take hours in just a few minutes. Palm sanders work great with large boards, while detail sanders reach challenging corners. If you’re working with hardwood floors, orbital sanders give smooth finishes when moved with the grain of the wood.

Angle grinder

Reshaping and cutting pavers and tiles can be a piece of cake if you have a quality angle grinder in hand. You can also use it to sharpen and polish metal surfaces. Grinders with bigger discs are more powerful and are ideal with heavy-duty projects; however, bigger is not always better. You need to decide on what you’ll work with before you make your purchase. Bigger sizes make meticulous shaping more challenging. The sizes of the disc range from just over four inches to as big as nine inches. Different kinds also run on different sources of power: electricity, fuel or compressed air. There’s no worse or better when it comes to the power source; it mostly depends on your needs, but a corded electric work best for heavy work.


This is pretty much the laziest handyman's tool, and it is exactly what its name suggests. A multi-tool combines several functions into one handheld device, and it makes a great addition to your power tool storage. This oscillating device can be used to modify your interior partitions by making precise cuts along the walls or any wooden boards. It also makes cutting out and replacing grout in your bathroom a breeze. It’s practically a saw, sander, and scraper combined in a single powerful tool. However, if you’re using it on wood, it works best with thin planks.

Impact wrench

This is one of those power tools that you don’t think you’ll need until you encounter a rusted bolt that you can’t force out with your standard wrench. A handheld cordless impact wrench will save the situation in a matter of minutes. High-end brands will offer features like torque adjustability and a built-in battery for quicker charging. There are two types to choose from: pistol-grip and inline. The former is ideal for long working hours because it lessens the strain inflicted on your wrist, and it’s typically great for housework. Inline body styles are more suited for machinery work.

Paint sprayer

While traditional rollers may work just fine, paint sprayers can get the job done in a fraction of the time it would usually take you with manual tools. They’re very inexpensive, but they do need an air compressor to work. Luckily, many models come readily attached to their own compressor. Paint sprayers don’t just save you time and effort, but they also work to deliver a more even paint job on large surfaces. They prevent runs and drips, while they also make second coats easier and more professional-looking. If you plan to work with heavier, oil-based paint, you may want to invest in a paint thinner. Just make sure you don’t add too much.


While it may not initially be on your list of essentials, good lighting is absolutely important for safety reasons, most of all, and of course, for better accuracy. Dim indoor lighting and heavy-duty sawing with dangerous tools just don’t tend to pair well. Battery operated LED flashlights work best, just make sure you check the label for lumen output.

If you’re redecorating your home with a few plants and vases, it’s time for you to stop putting off your home makeover plans and start putting together your power tool kit. This kit might come in handy when you’re about to get ready for the ultimate home renovation!



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