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Kreg Automaxx Automatic Clamps

Kreg are proud to introduce the Automaxx clamp range for quick, convenient clamping with automatic adjustment.


Kreg offer the world’s best clamping system for clamping tasks that are fast and fool proof. Kreg Automaxx automatically adjust to match the thickness of your material - whether it’s thick or thin, or in-between. Just set the clamping pressure you want and let Automaxx technology do the rest.

Features include easy-to-regulate pressure with a simple thumbscrew, large clamp faces spread pressure evenly, ergonomic padded grips to prevent hand fatigue, as well as the portable base.





You can use Kreg Automaxx clamps for all your Kreg joinery, project assembly and general clamping tasks. Available in a range of sizes, the large clamp faces distribute clamping force evenly and won't mar delicate surfaces. The clamps are designed to withstand years of heavy use, thanks to heavy-duty, all-metal construction.

Automaxx clamps adjust to match material thickness automatically. With a simple squeeze of handles you can clamp a 20 x 100m pine block and then a piece of plywood - without readjusting the clamp. It also allows you to use one hand when clamping and unclamping. Regulate clamping pressure with a simple thumbscrew. Just set your desired pressure by turning the thumbscrew for more or less pressure.

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